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Lennex Technologies is a leading company in the agriculture and animal husbandry industries with a proven track record of success since its establishment in 2013. Our high-caliber shareholders have provided us with a solid financial foundation, enabling us to pursue new growth opportunities with confidence.

We are excited to offer a unique investment opportunity to our investors: a fund dedicated to cultivating and selling the highest quality local durians for both domestic and international markets. Our team boasts extensive expertise in durian cultivation management, and we are assured of our capability to generate substantial returns for our investors.


Insufficient Durian Supply

Durians, known as the “king of all fruits”, are highly prized globally, particularly in Southeast Asia where they are traditionally grown. As the demand for high-quality Malaysian durians continues to rise, the durian industry is becoming increasingly attractive for exporters in Malaysia. However, the country's annual output of 405,000 tonnes falls short of meeting the global demand, causing prices to rise as high as RM80 per kg.

Our research has revealed that the underdevelopment of Malaysian durian plantations is due to several factors including soil type, weather conditions, and costly plantation management practices that can disrupt the production of premium durian breeds such as the Musang King (D197) and Black Thorn (D200). In addition, durian plantations require more care and management compared to other crops like rubber and palm oil, which can be a deterrent for local durian producers due to the high costs involved.


Lennex Technologies plans to optimize the production of Musang King (D197) and Black Thorn (D200) durians through the use of innovative agri-technologies such as drone surveillance, remote data access, data analytics, and a sustainable and eco-friendly soil nutrition regime. We will also ensure the safety and quality of our product by closely monitoring our durian plantations and following the MyGap certificate standards set by the Department of Agriculture Malaysia.

In addition, we will adopt the latest industry best practices and production tools as recommended by Haji Lokman, a renowned durian master grower, and certified by the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authorities (FAMA). This includes implementing the double planting method to increase production and reduce the fertility risk of non-performing trees, as well as using 100% organic fertilizers. By implementing these strategies, we aim to efficiently and sustainably meet the growing global demand for high-quality Malaysian durians.



At Lennex Technologies, we take a cutting-edge approach to farming management. Our innovative technology allows us to continuously monitor our durian plantations, ensuring that the durian harvest is maximized.

Our focus is on increasing the production of Musang King and Black Thorn Durians through the use of agri-technologies such as drone monitoring, remote data access, data analytics, and a sustainable and environmentally friendly soil nutrition regime.

In addition to comprehensive durian plantation management, our team of experts offer professional services specifically tailored to the durian industry. We keep our clients informed about the latest market developments and provide industry-specific market research studies to help us constantly improve and plan for the future. We also use this research to develop new high-end durian products based on flavor, paste, and other factors.



Our main customers for agricultural marketing practices are those who purchase and consume farm produce. We have established a strong partnership with the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA) and have supplied local supermarkets with our products, earning the trust of local consumers.

In the agriculture industry, we aim to increase the marketability and customer relationships of our products. Our target customers include durian wholesalers, manufacturers, and retailers. We also plan to explore foreign markets, such as China, as we aim to export our durian products internationally. By focusing on building strong relationships with both local and international customers, we hope to drive demand and success in the durian industry.


Business Model

Lennex Technologies operates and manages its own durian farm. It takes approximately 6-7 years for durian trees to bear fruit, and a tree that is 6-10 years old can produce up to 150 fruits per year. By year six, we expect the plantation to be self-sustaining, with annual yields ranging from 20-30%. These yields will continue to increase as the durian trees mature.

Our goal is to optimize the growth and yield of our durian produce while providing secure, reliable investment opportunities through an easy-to-use platform on our website, accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. We believe that this business model will allow us to meet the growing demand for high-quality Malaysian durians both domestically and internationally.


The global durian trade is currently dominated by two countries: China leads in imports while Thailand leads in exports, followed by Malaysia. In 2020, China imported a total of 575,672 metric tonnes of durians, accounting for 76.1% of global imports. The Chinese market for durians is rapidly growing, with most imported durians coming from Thailand. Other major import markets include Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, and the United States.

The Asia-Pacific region is not only the top producer of durians, but also the largest consumer, with China leading the way. Durian consumption in China has been growing at an average annual rate of more than 16% between 2010 and 2019. There is a high demand for the creamy texture of the Malaysian Musang King variety and the Mon Thong variety in China. In 2018, China accounted for 65.0% of overall import value, importing 431,940.0 metric tonnes of fresh durians, compared to 224,382.0 metric tonnes in 2017.


The Asia-Pacific region has a strong presence in the fresh durian industry, with Thailand and Malaysia being major producers. Thailand exported 496,915 metric tonnes of fresh durians in 2018, a significant increase from the 486,730 metric tonnes exported in 2017 and the 402,660 metric tonnes exported in 2016. Thailand has a significant transportation advantage when it comes to exporting fresh durians to China, the world's largest durian importer, which has allowed the country to increase its production to meet the demand for exports.

Despite Malaysia's strong growth in durian exports, Thailand remains the dominant player in the global durian market, supplying over 90% of world durian exports. The global durian trade is expected to reach $35 billion by 2030.


Lennex Technologies aims to raise RM 3,000,000 (RM 3 million) in funds for the development and maintenance of 4 acres of durian plantation through pitchIN.


➢ To plant 2000 acres of Musang King and Black Thorn in 10 years

➢ To produce high-quality yields of Musang King and Black Thorn durians and to produce more high-end products

➢ To develop research and development of durian plantations in Malaysia

➢ To fulfill local and foreign durian market


Mohamad Shafiq Azim bin Datuk Seri Shaheen

Mohamad Shafiq Azim bin Datuk Seri Shaheen is a well-educated and experienced business professional. He completed his primary and secondary education at St John Institution Kuala Lumpur, followed by A-levels at Sunway University. He then went on to earn his Bachelor's Degree in Business with Marketing from the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom in 2012.

In 2017, Shafiq ventured into the plantation industry, starting with land clearing in Hulu Langat. He also completed the production of 12,000 polybags of short-term crops, including chili, cucumber, lady finger, brinjal, and bitter gourd. In 2018, he began research and development on durian cultivation and started planting various types of durians. During this time, he learned from master grower Haji Lokman and received a RM20,000 grant from the Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia's Agropreneur Muda program.

Shafiq has a passion for modern farming and is dedicated to growing in the durian industry. He has extensive experience working with agro-based organizations of all sizes, including small and medium-sized plantations and multinational corporations. In addition to his work in the industry, he is also involved in various corporate social responsibility efforts in Hulu Langat, particularly during times of flooding.


Mohlis Mohd Saidi

Mohlis Mohd has a diverse background in the agriculture and food industry. He started his career as an Assistant Marketing Officer at the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA) from 2001 to 2006, specializing in temperate crops and vegetables.

From 2006 to 2010, he worked as an Argo Service Officer at Malaysian Agrifood Berhad, handling local contract farmers and overseeing demand and supply projects for highland and lowland crops, including planting programs. From 2010 to 2015, he served as a Growing Planner at Malaysian Agrifood Berhad, where he developed demand and supply matching programs to ensure consistency of supply and high sales. He was also responsible for farm pest control, worker planning, crop planting programs, and farm input programs, including nutrient and chemical control. He received training from foreign farm master growers in the latest planting methods.

From 2015 to 2020, Mohlis Mohd was promoted to Packaging Processing Manager at Malaysian Agrifood Berhad, where he oversaw the packaging and processing of highland and lowland crops for local supermarkets and export purposes. He coordinated the food safety program provided by SIRIM and ensured compliance with international food safety standards, including the Burger King yearly audit program. He also managed the packaging machines, including a robotic color selection machine for fruit selection, and oversaw the delivery transport program from farm to processing center and from the processing center to customer.

Currently, Mohlis Mohd works as a consultant on fertigation farm systems, coordinating the installation of these systems and providing planting methods based on current farm SOPs.

Kim Chee, Chan

Dato Kim Chee has over 25 years of experience in entrepreneurship, strategic management, corporate restructuring and reengineering, international marketing, and strategic planning, primarily in multinational companies (MNCs) and publicly listed companies (PLCs). He excels in starting up new business units, driving appropriate marketing mix in various industries, building long-term relationships with business partners and consumers, and has a proven track record in corporate reengineering and restructuring. Dato Kim Chee has a strong ability to work effectively with people from different cultures and backgrounds, as well as work independently and as part of a team.

Dato Kim Chee began his career at Sungei Way Group of Companies as a Service and Operations Engineer. After two years, he joined Caltex Oil Malaysia Ltd as a Lubricant Engineer and was later promoted to OEM Area Sales Manager due to his technical knowledge and passion for the industry. In 2000, he was recruited by Conoco/ProJET (M) Sdn Bhd as a Technical Sales Manager in the Lubricant Business Unit, where he was responsible for setting up Malaysia and Asia Pacific Lubricant Business Units for the Conoco brand. His last position with ProJET (M) Sdn Bhd was as Country Manager for the Lubricant Business Unit. Afterward, Dato Kim Chee served as the Corporate Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Advisor for Prime Utilities Berhad and its associated companies, including Fountain View Bhd, a publicly listed property development, construction, and oil palm plantation company in Malaysia.

Currently, Dato Kim Chee is involved in plantation, pet food, nursing care, automobile, and advisory and consultation work for companies ranging from small and medium industries (SMIs) to multinationals (MNCs).

Haji Lokman

Haji Lokman is a durian master grower with 10 years of experience managing an 18-acre durian plantation. He previously developed a 4-acre experimental plot focused on durian plantation management, researching issues related to plantation management, and studying diseases and pest control. He has also developed standard operating procedures (SOPs) for durian plantation financial planning, land preparation, basic necessity preparation, and irrigation system management.

In addition to managing durian nurseries and developing SOPs, Haji Lokman has served as a consultant for several companies and individual business owners, including Perbadanan Kemajuan Pertanian Pahang (PKPP), Syarikat Sawit Merah, Syarikat A Gemilang Kota Tinggi, and Hali Durian Orchid. He has also served as a panel member in lectures on durian plantation investment and development, frozen durian processing, and durian marketing.

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The Company:

Date of incorporation: 18/4/2013

Registration number: 201301013144 (1042982-D)

Licenses and Permits:


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  • Lennex Technologies sdn bhd
  • Lot 1842, Jln Kg Sungai Semungkis, Sungai Semungkis
  • 1042982D
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