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Introducing the revolutionary new app that is set to change the way good behavior is promoted in schools –  StudentQR. This innovative app utilizes QR code technology to reward students for exhibiting positive behavior both in and out of the classroom. By scanning QR codes placed at the student ID card, students can earn points and rewards for their good behavior, encouraging them to continue making positive choices. Not only does this help to promote good behavior, but it also provides students with a fun and engaging way to learn about the importance of making good choices. Our app is a collaboration between school authorities, parents, and students. 

With StudentQR, schools can create a more positive and productive learning environment while fostering a sense of community and responsibility among students.


StudentQR provides a system that allows teachers to award merit / marks based on student's positive behavior using QR code on students’ IDs in no time. The overall process will take around 10 seconds to reach parents and project real-time reporting to schools, compared to 4-6 months when processed manually. Additionally, StudentQR is able to increase students’ good discipline and motivation while decreasing negative behavior and discipline issues by giving points when the students submit their work early, volunteer in class, speak good English, come to class early, or any good behavior that is decided by the school.


Based on interviews and feedback by teachers, the most highlighted issue is never ending discipline issues such as bullying, skipping classes, being disrespectful to the teachers etc. But these students also exhibit good behavior that are rarely recorded by teachers because positive behaviors are too much compared to discipline issue. When this happens, parents tend to think that the teachers did not teach their children properly as they only get informed of the negative behavior.

Teachers have a really tight and packed schedule. They need to prepare study plans, syllabus reports and reporting for each of their class. To do additional work such as keying in the positive behavior reporting is a big burden to them. But if it is a compulsory task given by the schools, they need to do it using manual or an old system that takes 4-6 months to reach the parents. This process is not efficient and fails to reach schools objectives as the data is not keyed-in in real time and not accurate.



Using StudentQR will solve all these problems while increasing engagement and fun elements in the classroom.

In the classroom, students claim points when they do any good or positive behavior. Students collect points by scanning their QR Tag from their teacher's smartphone. All good activities such as prompt attendance, submitting homework, helping teachers, cleaning the class and so on, can be recorded using bulk scanning or by using kiosk mode, which allows student's to self-scan their QR code. Parents are instantly notified of their children's activities in school from the parent app. Furthermore, parents can award points to the students from home. Every month or end of the year, the principal and school management can monitor and track overall student's behavior in real time. Teachers can reward and announce best students at the assembly or Whatsapp group from a leaderboard.

Based on the feedback, StudentQR has helped to reduce 95% of administrative work by combining all tasks by all students in only one submission. From 1 week task to only 10 minutes. The secret sauce of the system is the optimization of multiple QR code scanning and multiple task submission process. Additionally, teachers can submit the records offline or with low internet connectivity. This feature helps thousands of teachers reduce their burden of doing administrative work.


The technology that was created since 2018 is the Multiple QR Code scanning. This allow teachers to scan the student's QR code in bulk without any loading process. The app will detect the multiple QR codes instantly and is not affected by internet connection. This process saves teacher's time and makes the scanning activity more fun and engaging since it has an attractive sound when scanning.

The admin are also able to generate the multiple QR Tag complete with a beautiful design in one single click. It can be generated for one school or selected students. This features helps save admin time to create student's tag without any design skills needed.

All activities will be recorded and parents get push notification on their smartphone.

Offline submission is the most requested feature by teachers that help them to submit the records without relying on the internet.

Schools also can generate an E-certificate of all students complete with pie chart and points in one single click. This certificate can be customized by teachers easily without having to learn any design skills.


Our target industry is education including schools, preschool and universities.

StudentQR market & target customers are schools, teachers and parents.

As of 28th January 2023, StudentQR is available in 3,979 total numbers of schools across the globe, servicing 370,250 students and 21,000 teachers. These numbers include schools from free plan. 



Our target industry is education including schools (preschool, middle school and high school) and universities.

Business Model

StudentQR offers a FREEMIUM business model:

1) Free plan – Only limited to teacher use with limited features -excluding parent app & QR Tag

2) Premium plan – Charge to each parent, and different price for QR tag

3) Enterprise plan – Charge to school per students (Teacher app, parent app & QR tag) 


StudentQR primarily sells the product to schools i.e. the B2B method. Schools will then sell the system to each of their students at a mark up. Usually these costs are included as part of the students yearly fees.

The main strategy is to attract schools to use the system for free for 1 month. StudentQR uses several method to attract the schools. 

  • The first method is providing them a Marketing Kit material that includes a set of Student QR tag and instructions on how to use the app. This marketing kit will be sent to the principals of each schools.
  • From the database that is registered with us, we will focus on schools with many students or networking school. Then we will call and text them to arrange for a briefing. From there , our team will help to setup the system for a free one month trial.
  • We also use the Whatsapp blast method. All schools, including that are using free plan, will receive updates about StudentQR
  • StudentQR Hero is our annual program that provide a gift for top 3 students and most active teachers from school that use our system. Usually the gift are in voucher and hamper.

StudentQR plans to expand using the same app but to different industries such as office and event management. We also plan to focus in Indonesia as it has a strong base and wide networking schools.

Our focus is to get more networking schools that have Behavior Programs such as schools under Jais and Jakim. We also plan to engage with NGOs to fund the system to B40 schools and sekolah orang Asli.


We are currently working with our partners such as Microsoft, YTL, MMU as sponsors.

Other networking schools are Jabatan Pendidikan Orang Asli, Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia, Digital Classroom, Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor, Jabatan Agama Islam Pulau Pinang, Gabungan Sekolah Swasta Islam Selangor, Kolej Vokasional, Genius Kurnia, Maktab Rendah Sains Mara and Gabungan Maahad Muhammadiyah Indonesia 




Currently we received funding by Superb Teraju grant with RM500,000 total of fund.


Our vision is to shape and build values of the future generation by using information technology to make the world a safer place through AI enabled behavior big data.

We firmly believe we can only achieve greatness if we first achieve goodness.



Syed Huzaifah Syed Omar - CEO, founder
Mr Sam Koh – Co-Founder
Mr Muhaimin – CTO
Mr Shahrul – CFO
Mr Ray – CPO

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  • Equity - OS
  • ~ up to 9.10%
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  • RM 512,550
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  • StudentQR Points
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