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YesHello (DIGITAL AUTOMATE SDN BHD) is a SaaS platform that gives small businesses total customer visibility—from first contact, to sales, to support. Making customer engagements more precise, contextual, and purposeful.

YesHello captures all customer interactions across WhatsApp, email, social media DMs, live chat, and phone to offer your team the full context they need to grow your business faster. 



YesHello powers the communication engine at Volvo Malaysia, Jaguar, Land Rover, BYD, TeaLive, SIRIM Bhd., Beam Mobility Scooter, Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA), Asia e-University and many more.

Our vision moves past the paradigm of *messaging apps* and into unlocking reality to help people and companies reach their full potential. So far, it seems to be working. 

We believe having context, from lead source, customer history, historical purchases, previous conversations, past issues, empowers teams to make decisions based on the full-story instead of guess-work is the key to building long term meaningful internal and external connections.

Seeking to become Southeast Asia's leading light in the customer engagement space through our omni-channel messaging platform, we aim to make teamwork and sales coordination simpler and more collaborative than ever before!

Having garnered high revenue growth since our launch in 2020 up till 2022, we are looking to increase our customer base to over 300 satisfied customers. And the key driver of this growth is a fresh injection of capital to further expand our current team.



YesHello was born out of the challenges and uncertainty created by the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020. As companies went remote for the first time, our regular operations were heavily disrupted. We were forced to lay off staff, scale back costs and potentially close our doors, with the path forward looking increasingly bleak. We had to adapt and find a way to work through the situation. One that had the biggest barrier of them all - distance.

Pivot or die; those were the options that we had on the table, and so decided to give it all we had.

Feeling Overwhelmed Having Multiple Conversations with Multiple People Across Multiple Channels

We soon realised that many other organisations, from everyday SMEs to huge multinationals were having some teething challenges in adjusting to virtual work and remote team collaboration, and feeling overwhelmed because they were having multiple conversations with multiple people across multiple channels!

Therein lay the opportunity for YesHello to make a sustainable and powerful impact to our customers.


Meaningful Connections - The reason why turnover rates are high or company satisfaction is low. YesHello understands the need for retaining the most valuable assets in a company; Manpower & Customers.

We created a user-friendly collaboration tool that promotes teamwork and fosters customer relations. YesHello was able to decrease overwhelm, improve all communication efforts while adding a higher degree of personal touch and care. The pandemic soon lost its grip as our collaborative efforts were seamless.


1) Wrong Tools & Disorganised messages

We discovered most sales agents used their own personal WhatsApp accounts as a primary source of communication with their customers.

This practice often led to a host of issues:

  • Slow response rate to leads
  • 24/7 Work Cycle, forcing sales leads dialled into work at all times of the day
  • Poor coordination and visibility on the sales pipeline from a teamwide perspective.
  • Lack of guidance and the appropriate methods to deal with customers

2) Ad-Hoc & Scattered Workflows due to too many platforms

A master of one is better than a novice at many. Traditional companies and SMEs have a culture of reliance with the use of several different tools. This leads to inefficiencies and a divided team.

In specific, the scattering of workflows led to:

  • Poor to no coordination between teams
  • Confusion on sales leads for interdepartmental functions
  • Lack of accountability on each team member
  • Slow onboarding processes.


3) Working as One vs. One is Working
Teamwork makes the dream work. The lack of collaboration only promoted inconsistencies that were present on every level of the workplace. Fiercely stubborn employees and poor team synergies, who could blame them?
Many teams were suffering from:

  • No trust between team members
  • Passing of responsibilities from one to another
  • A lack of proper communication
  • Toxic corporate culture

As a result, numerous sales agents sought alternatives to strike a better work-life balance and gain greater visibility in their efforts to secure potential sales.



YesHello boosts business efficiency and sales. With the power of greater customer service in an easy-to-use, simple and efficient user-friendly dashboard that covers several messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and many more.


By seamlessly integrating all the messaging channels into one place, YesHello enables sales teams and customer service professionals to offer efficient customer support in real-time. With a total of over 500 users from 65 SMEs currently on boarded onto the platform across 9 countries, we have been able to make a substantial and significant improvement to their processes and team dynamics.

Team collaborations have become transparent and direct. With various features making it easier for teams to work together. Complex projects, sales follow-ups, customer service enquiries and other daily operations became streamlined, personalised, and easy to manage.

Launching at the onset of the pandemic, YesHello was one of the first movers in offering such a personalised solution within the region. Targeting Automotive dealerships such as Volvo in Bukit Bintang, Jaguar-Land Rover in Glenmarie as an initial customer base.


Our product works in 3 steps

Step 1: Engage all customers using YesHello 
Step 2: Organise Company Second-Brain 
Step 3: Develop Robotic Process Automation & A.I. Chatbots

Step 1: Engage all customers from YesHello - Daily communication with customers from all online channels. While collaborating with the internal team members via the built-in private intranet, solving challenges quickly but surely.

Step 2: Organise Company Second-Brain - YesHello automatically collects, organise, recovers and facilitates the sharing of knowledge for external customers and internal employees using YesHello in the cloud (the Company Second-Brain).

Step 3: Develop Robotic Process Automation & A.I. Chatbots to streamline internal and external processes.

Why Our Solution Works


Beginning with revenues of RM108,780 in the initial year of 2020, YesHello has grown steadily. Achieving a revenue of RM499,446 in 2022, our growth spurred additional revenue channels. With a CAGR of 69.08% so far, YesHello seeks to maintain its pace with a targeted revenue of RM 2 Million in 2023.

YesHello has also focused on developing its monthly recurring revenues (MRR) of up to RM 29,000 as of Q4 2022. This has been buoyed by the increase of entry points for clients. Having 3 separate and unique plans based on their use case. It is currently projected to grow to RM167,000 in monthly recurring revenues (MRR) by Q4 2023.


Through excellent engagement and consistent development of the platform, YesHello has also managed to maintain a churn rate of just 6.7%. In addition to achieving a lifetime value of RM10,850 per client in contrast to a customer acquisition cost of RM1,000.



Since we know we have excellent customer retention (93%), we know the majority of customers who use our services will stay for the long term. We also know that the majority of our customers will upgrade to our higher plans the longer they are with us. Our strategy is to acquire as many Starter Plan customers at a lower cost and through excellent service and strategic upsell tactics, upgrade them to our higher, more profitable plans.



YesHello mainly targets small businesses. Specifically SME's looking to modernise and improve either their sales processes and their customer service protocols.

A Business Sweet Spot for SMEs that:

  1. Prioritise customer relationships
  2. Needs to focus on their business
  3. Wants a proven system in place
  4. Requires an affordable solution

Sales Customers

For customers seeking efficiency in their sales processes, they’re more often in industries that have a high-ticket price per order

  • B2B based sales clients
  • Automotive
  • Insurance

We reach out to this target group via outbound sales and inbound marketing. With educational content, Facebook ads, Google ads and partnering channels.

Customer Service Customers
For customer engagement based customers, their key priority and value offering is providing top-notch service and follow-up to high value clients.

They usually fall into the categories of :
● Health & Wellness
● Education
● Professional Services

Business Model

YesHello has 2 revenue streams, which are:

1. Software Platform
YesHello's core offering, the omni-channel engagement platform is available to users at 3 tiers. They are:

Starter Plan : RM79/mo 
Pro Plan : RM299/mo
Business Plan : 799/mo

The benefits of each plan can be found on YesHello’s website .

2. Custom Chatbot Development, Coaching & Training, and WhatsApp Blasting

YesHello's newest revenue stream is Chatbot Development & Integration. It’s charged at a one-time fee of RM2000. YesHello is also a registered HRDC Training Provider with training and coaching sessions for the time available at RM5,000. YesHello also offers done-for-you WhatsApp and SMS blasting services which are below market costs.
The above costs vary and are also adjusted depending on the needs and demands of each individual customer. While considering several factors to provide them with a valuable quotation and create a mutually beneficial long-term partnership.






Carliff Rizal : 63.37%
Alta Hego : 10%
Sylma Jepin : 10%
Deric Lu : 10%
Sunway iLabs : 6.67%

Special Benefits for ECF Investors

Current Investors: Sunway iLAbs (Sunway Group)


YesHello aims to become the platform of choice for clients in all their customer service and sales needs within the Southeast Asian region. With an annual recurring revenue of RM100 million by 2027.

This will be achieved in 4 key milestones.

  • 300 SMEs, generating Annual recurring revenues of RM 2 Million by the January 2024
  • To expand into the rest of ASEAN, actively marketing to other English-speaking markets by 2025
  • Penetrating other non-English speaking markets in ASEAN & SEA in 2026
  • 10,000 customers (1000 SMEs  in 10 Countries) paying RM10,000 per year by 2027 generating RM100 Million per year in annual recurring revenue (ARR) by 2027.


  1. CEO/Founder : Carliff Rizal
  2. Growth Specialist/Co-Founder - Sylma Jepin
  3. Customer Success Manager/Co-Founder - Alta Hego
  4. Head of Tech/Co-Founder - Deric Lu

In 2018, we started NARRATIVE CONSULTING PLT as a chatbot agency (Chatbot Malaysia) building chatbots for SMEs. Some of our clients included MDEC, Majlis Perbandaran Klang, Bonia, Carlsberg, SHELL, and many more.

2020 was when the lockdown happened. We struggled to get new clients as many were not comfortable spending RM20k - RM50k on a custom chatbot solution built on Facebook Messenger. We were at the point of closing shop. But because we were committed to helping our clients who were also struggling, we decided to ask them where they needed the most help. Most said they needed support with managing their WhatsApp communication. And that is the birth of YesHello.

2021 was the year that the team and I decided that this can be something big! We got good feedback from customers (and many of them who started with us then, are still customers now after almost 3 years). Understanding that I needed total commitment from the team and myself, I decided to invite 3 of my core employees at the time to join me as co-founders to build this company together.

2022 was the year where many serious investors started talking to us to discuss partnerships, investing, and even M&A. The team decided that if we wanted to be serious, we needed to transition our business from PLT to SDN BHD. This was the year we started doing business as DIGITAL AUTOMATE SDN BHD. Now Digital Automate Sdn Bhd owns 98% of Narrative Consulting PLT, and will transition to fully doing business via Digital Automate Sdn Bhd by end 2023.

2023 has been the most exciting year as it started with a considerable investment from Sunway! After over 6 months of due-diligence, Sunway iLabs finally banked the investment money in January 2023. This is what kicked-off our fundraising journey. The support and confidence given by the Sunway iLabs team was invaluable which led us to meeting fantastic mentors and coaches like Beyond4, NEXEA, MRANTI, Profecio, and Cradle.


  1. Operations Manager - Evelyn Kong Pei Feng
  2. Customer Success Associate - Tarani Augustin a/p Stephen
  3. Administration - Siti Zubaidah Bte Abdullah Sani
  4. Finance - Meor


Investment Terms


  1. pitchIN and its officers and staff may also be investing in this campaign
  2. Under ECF Guidelines, valuation is determined and set by the Issuer. Investors are advised to carefully peruse all investment offers and documents before making investment decisions.
  3. pitchIN works with a range of partners who provide supporting and referral services to the platform. pitchIN pays these partners for successful cases.
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  • RM 300,300
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  • 1334997-K


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