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Pioneering Digital Asset Investments in Malaysia

Invest in Malaysia’s most promising and innovative projects and businesses at pitchIN Token Crowdfunding. We are pioneering Malaysia’s first approved digital assets and tokens fundraising platform. pitchIN TCF is a Registered Market Operator with Securities Commission Malaysia.

Digital Assets pitchIN
For Businesses

Explore Innovative Digital Fundraising

Raise funds for your innovative projects. pitchIN Token Crowdfunding (TCF) platform connects promising companies to a wide range of investors within a regulated and safe platform.

Secure & Transparent
Secure & Transparent

All digital token offerings go through a stringent due diligence process and are vetted by industry professionals.

Blockchain Secured
Blockchain Secured

All digital assets are issued on reputable blockchain networks for security and scalability.

Growth and Beyond
Growth and Beyond

Fuel your capital requirements by raising up to 20x of your company paid up capital. pitchIN TCF enables companies to raise up to RM100 million.

Global Investor Access
Global Investor Access

Access a network of qualified investors from all over the world looking to support digital innovation.

Full Stack Partnerships
Full Stack Partnerships

Get support that you need from our extensive network of partners, from technical specialists to approved Digital Asset Exchanges (DAXs).

For Investors

Empower visionary creators in the digital asset and blockchain technology space. Invest in the future you envision and champion groundbreaking innovation.

Safe and SecureSafe and Secure

Invest confidently in cutting-edge assets and utility tokens through Malaysia's trusted, secure, and fully compliant TCF platform.

Portfolio DiversificationPortfolio Diversification

Expand your investment portfolio. Add a novel digital asset class that provides improved liquidity and greater accessibility.

Gain Exclusive AccessGain Exclusive Access

Invest in innovative projects and businesses and enjoy exclusive access to perks and privileges within the blockchain ecosystem. Seamless, secure and reliable.

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Risk Warning
Token Crowdfunding is risky. You are investing in digital tokens which are issued by companies that may not do well and could even fail. You could lose part or all of your investment. You may not be able to sell your tokens easily.Learn More