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  • ~ up to 28.98%
  • RM 49,000,000
  • RM 5,000,450
  • RM 19,992,000
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  • 1368203-A
  • Broku is the #1 F&B Branding and Marketing strategist in Malaysia.
  • Broku provides an all-in-one digital platform to help F&B operators attract customers, streamline operations, and boost sales.
  • Key milestones: 180,000 social media followers, 3,481 transformed restaurants, 46,500 entrepreneurs guided, and 16 offline and online seminars hosted.


Broku Sdn. Bhd. (BSB) is a leading force in F&B Branding & Marketing in Malaysia, contributing significantly to the nation's GDP. Established in 2020, BSB is committed to filling capacity gaps within Malaysia's MSME sector by providing innovative solutions. These products cover training, online presence, marketing, advertising, social responsibility, supply chain management, and cutting-edge technology.

Founded by Ku Addyfazly Ku Radin, also known as Broku, a celebrated speaker and entrepreneur with a strong following.



Customer Acquisition
Competition is Fierce : In the restaurant industry, attracting customers is an ongoing challenge.

Maintaining Consistency
Consistency is Key : Struggling to maintain consistency can jeopardize customer retention and growth.

Profitability Puzzles : Calculating profitability becomes a puzzle without standardized systems and recipes.

High Costs
Budget Busters : The burden of high operational costs eats into restaurant profits.

Weak Online Presence
Lost in the Digital Crowd : Neglecting online presence means missing out on millions of potential diners searching the web for dining options.

Poor Staff Management
Service Slump : Ineffective staff management leads to poor customer service and a revolving door of employees.

Lack of Technology
Tech Void : The absence of technology and automation leaves restaurants entangled in manual labor, impacting both efficiency and profitability.


Here at BROKU, we go beyond just business guidance. BROKU offers an all-in-one solution that assists restaurants in attracting more customers, streamlining operations, and boosting revenue.

BROKU's unique value proposition as an intermediary

  • Cutting-Edge Tech: We have developed tech solutions that streamline restaurant operations. Our integrated platform links sales, order management, accounting, inventory, staffing, and marketing, ultimately reducing costs, boosting profits, and enhancing customer service.
  • Accelerated Growth: Take the fast track to business expansion with shared resources for training, marketing, operational support, and funding.
  • Enhanced Bargaining Power: Harness collective buying power from a network of businesses to secure cost savings from suppliers of raw materials and equipment.
  • Boosted Brand Visibility: Elevate consumer trust and attract loyal patrons by aligning with a highly respected industry leader, leveraging their strong brand recognition and reputation for excellence.
  • Advertising & Marketing Support: Licensees receive professional guidance for effective online and offline customer acquisition strategies.
  • Increasing Brand Recognition & Equity: Unify and strengthen brand recognition and equity to attract consumers more easily.
  • Speed of Growth: Foster rapid growth through shared infrastructure for training, marketing, and support.
    Leveraging the Power of Technology. Equip licensees with state-of-the-art technology to automate operations.
  • Centralised Knowledge Resource: Access a 24/7 centralized knowledge hub, including trainings, templates, and other resources.
  • Increased Purchasing Power: Harness the collective purchasing power of our extensive licensee network for favorable bulk rates from suppliers.




Broku Licensing Program (BLP) phase 1 was launched in April 2023 with a pioneer group of 50 F&B companies in various stages of their business growth. In this Proof-Of-Concept phase, the revenue, profit margins and other performance metrics of each client are monitored to determine the impact and feasibility of the incubation program.

  • 50 Restaurants signed up to the BLP POC phase
  • 36.5K Average increase in Revenue per client over base (RM)
  • 30.6% Average increase in Revenue per client over base (%)
  • 3.45M Cumulative client Revenue increase over base (RM)
  • 225K Broku’s cumulative Revenue from BLP program fee (RM)
  • 18% Churn rate. Number of clients dropping out of program
  • 180,000 MSME Followers on Various Social Media Platforms
  • 3,480 F&B Businesses Revolutionised
  • 46,000 F&B Entrepreneurs Guided
  • 20+ Business Seminars Organised Since 2020
  • 30.6% Average Increase in Revenue for Program Participants
  • 60 Collective Years Industry Experience of Training Team



BROKU's target audience comprises underserved restaurants, regardless of their culinary focus, location, or racial background. The company is homing in on the F&B industry, with a primary focus on small and medium-sized restaurants.

This strategy opens doors to a diverse and vast market of underserved restaurants, enhancing growth opportunities. BROKU's customer acquisition plan revolves around providing support to these restaurants, including marketing funding.

In exchange, restaurants are expected to share a portion of their revenue increase with BROKU, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship. The goal is to create a robust network of restaurants under the BROKU banner, driving growth and profitability.

Business Model



In the first year, our strategy revolves around engaging our existing 10,000-strong database to encourage program enrollment.

The first phase serves as a testing ground. Initially targeting 50 companies in the first phase, we successfully onboarded 65.

The next batch will open for enrollment at the upcoming month-end seminar, with a minimum target of 100, an increase of 35 companies.

While the typical conversion rate is 10-15%, we anticipate a surge to over 200 by year-end.



We are planning to raise a total of MYR19,992,000 for marketing, customer acquisition, technology expenses and to expand the capacity of our team in Malaysia in the next 12-18 months.

In Exchange for 28.98% Islamic Redeemable Preference Shares. Valuation MYR49,000,000 by 3rd Party Appraisal Company.

Customer Acquisition (50%): The majority of the funds (50%) will be allocated to our critical customer acquisition strategy, allowing us to exponentially grow our partner restaurant network.

Program Support & Expansion (20%): To ensure the success of our programs, we will allocate 20% of the funds to provide support for restaurants. If a restaurant lacks the budget, BROKU may offer funding of up to RM20,000 for social media, advertising, marketing campaigns, with a condition of a 15% revenue-sharing agreement.

Marketing & Operations (15%): A portion of the funds (15%) will be used to support our marketing efforts and ongoing operations. We will spend RM20,000 on marketing expenses every three months, which equates to RM6,667 per restaurant per month. With 100 partner companies, this will amount to RM666,000 every month.

Technology & Infrastructure (5%): We will dedicate 5% of the funds to develop our technology in-house.

Working Capital (10%): A small portion (10%) of the funds will be reserved for working capital to ensure the smooth operation of our business and services.



Vision: To be the unrivaled leader in Southeast Asia, empowering food industry entrepreneurs with cutting-edge technology and guidance.

Mission: Empower thriving restaurant entrepreneurs, enhance their management skills, introduce cutting-edge technology, and elevate professionalism.



Investment Terms


  1. pitchIN and its officers and staff may also be investing in this campaign
  2. Under ECF Guidelines, valuation is determined and set by the Issuer. Investors are advised to carefully peruse all investment offers and documents before making investment decisions.
  • Equity - i-RPS
  • ~ up to 28.98%
  • RM 49,000,000
  • RM 5,000,450
  • RM 19,992,000
  • -
  • 1368203-A
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