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What is Equity Crowdfunding (ECF)?

Equity crowdfunding is an innovative approach to investing that's transforming the future of finance. For investors, ECF provides an avenue for the public, namely the retail investors to invest in deals that were previously accessible to the select few. In return, they acquire equity stakes in private businesses and could potentially earn a positive return on their investments. With the advent of ECF, retail investors can now invest alongside angel and sophisticated investors.

One of the key benefits of equity crowdfunding is that it democratizes the world of investing by giving retail investors access to high-growth private businesses and pre-IPO startups, which were previously only available to a selected group of investors. At pitchIN, our mission is to make these groundbreaking investment opportunities accessible to everyone.

First in Southeast Asia

Malaysia was the first country in Southeast Asia to regulate equity crowdfunding back in 2015. The Securities Commission of Malaysia (SC) released the Guidelines on Recognised Markets under Section 34 of the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007 (CMSA), making Malaysia the earliest country in Southeast Asia to legislate ECF. Recognized Markets Operators (RMO) soon emerged, and equity crowdfunding quickly filled a crucial financing gap, providing a viable alternative for businesses and investors alike.

To ensure the integrity and transparency of the equity crowdfunding industry, pitchIN as one of the ECF operators in Malaysia, have made sure to comply with the RMO Guidelines for offering equity on our platform.

Yes. Equity crowdfunding is indeed legal in Malaysia. In Malaysia, the Securities Commission of Malaysia (SC) oversees ECF activities and licenses the platforms that facilitate equity crowdfunding. As pitchIN is one of the operators of ECF platforms, we must comply with the RMO Guidelines to uphold the standards set by the SC. This is a mandatory regulation that can't be ignored or overlooked. To find out more about ECF in Malaysia, refer to this comprehensive document provided by SC.

Is pitchIN Shariah-Compliant?

Yes. pitchIN offers investment opportunities that are both Shariah-compliant and non-Shariah-compliant. It's crucial for investors to again assess each investment opportunity and decide if it satisfies their Shariah-compliant investment criteria.

In Malaysia, ECF operators like pitchIN are required to follow the regulations set by the Securities Commission for offering Shariah-compliant equity on our platform. It's mandatory to comply with these guidelines, and it's crucial not to overlook them. Continue reading about Shariah-Compliant offering on our platform.

Does pitchIN follows Nominee structure?

Yes. When you invest through our platform, pitchIN will hold the shares of the companies on your behalf. pitchIN is registered as a legal shareholder on your behalf, thereby taking care of all the administrative shareholder tasks, but you will receive the full economic interest in the shares. This ensures that you benefit from any financial gains, such as the right to receive dividends, capital returns upon exit, tax relief. and etc. Find out more about pitchIN's Nominee and how it benefits investors.

What can I invest in?

1. Advertising & marketing 7. Entertainment 13. Property
2. Consumer goods & services 8. Financial Services 14. Software & IT services
3. Corporate services 9. Food & beverages 15. Technology
4. Education 10. Fund 16. Travel & hospitality
5. Energy 11. Healthcare 17. Wellness & lifestyle
6. Engineering automations 12. Logistics & transport

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Equity Crowdfunding is risky. You are investing in early stage companies which may not do well and could even fail. You could lose part or all of your investment. You may not be able to sell your shares easily. Learn more