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  • 201601029814
  • Delivic offers premium, healthy and fresh food like fresh nuts, dates, dried fruits, baklava, flower teas and more.
  • Delivic has demonstrated a substantial CAGR growth of +38% from 2017 until 2022.
  • Operates at premium outlets such as KLCC Cold Storage, Mercato Pavilion and Bangsar Shopping Centre.


Since 2016, Delivic Premium has been providing premium, healthy and fresh food products that include fresh fruits, nuts, dried fruits, dates, baklava, nut butter, smoothies, shakes, fruit juices, freshly rolled ice-cream, hampers, among many others. We also cater for corporate and private events.

We have 7 premium store locations at Suria KLCC, Mercato, Pavilion, Cold Storage, Publika, Gurney Plaza and Bangsar Shopping Center. Our Singapore outlet at Cold Storage Great World City is expected to open soon. 

Delivic Premium has now embarked on giving our customers greater convenience and quality service by offering online shopping and home delivery services throughout the country for selected products.

Delivic's dedication to diversity and quality is reflected in their impressive range of offerings. With a remarkable offering of approximately 300 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), we have curated an array of products that span continents and cultures. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the sources of their imports, which include the USA, Australia, Iran, and Turkey.

By importing and repackaging such a wide variety of products, Delivic showcases a comprehensive understanding of consumer preferences and an ability to cater to a multitude of tastes. This approach not only enriches our product lineup but also underlines our commitment to delivering the finest selections to our customers.

Delivic's capacity to bring together products from across the globe reflects our dedication to offering a global experience while maintaining our commitment to quality and variety.


Purpose of Fundraise:

  • Factory set-up for Delivic formulated snack and beverage products range - Nuts Glazing, Flower Teas, and Soft-serve Ice Cream.
  • To fulfil mass packing for Delimond E-commerce marketplace globally.
  • To apply Halal and related certification ready for the export market.
  • Research and innovate health benefit products with related globally recognised certification.
  • Import raw materials and Capex for related equipment to fulfil supply to Petronas / PetroSains / KLIA Duty Free and Singapore Takashimaya etc. (Delivic will initially fully own, operate and manage, as proof of concept and profitability, ready for business licensing opportunities open to F&B enthusiastic retail investors).
  • Expand corporates’ gifts and hampers festive market.
  • Expand the sales and marketing department.
  • Customer acquisition marketing activities and campaigns (Social media, live streaming, further brand exposure, etc)
  • Export products and concepts to Asian countries.


Almost all snacks and beverage industry players with multiple SKUs are OEM-ing from local factories or leveraging on other importers or other existing brands.


At Delivic, we have established a unique business model where we directly import all our products and drive innovation through our in-house research team. Our focus on efficiency is evident as we aspire to implement a just-in-time ("JIT") warehouse, streamlining our operations to meet market demands.

We take a holistic approach to our business, closely monitoring every aspect from research and development to product prototyping, production, marketing, and post-sales customer service. This ensures that we consistently deliver high-quality products and exceptional customer experiences.

One of our core strengths lies in our capability to "CREATE, BRAND, AND MARKET" health benefits modern living consumer products. For instance, we are well-equipped to develop and introduce products like Almond Milk, currently imported, to cater to the health-conscious consumer segment. Our dedicated Food Technology Team possesses decades of experience from renowned global snack and beverage consumer markets, giving us invaluable insights into consumer behavior and market trends.

Delivic Premium is committed to shouldering the ultimate brand reputation and responsibility for ensuring the success of our deliverables. We are driven by our passion to uphold the highest standards in product quality and customer satisfaction.

Beyond our business objectives, Delivic has a grand vision to contribute to Malaysia's research and innovation landscape. We are determined to make Malaysia proud with our cutting-edge products and dedication to advancing the consumer goods industry.

With Delivic's strong foundation, clear vision, and unwavering commitment, we see tremendous growth potential and opportunities for success.


Delivic has 12 major categories of imported products such as Nuts, Dried Fruit, Dates and others. The company is currently retailing in Malaysia hypermarkets and supermarkets and physical outlets, for example at BSC, Publika and Gurney Plaza.

On top of that, the 3 major upcoming signature ranges are as follows:

  • Delivic formulated Premium Flower Tea bags – cater for Malaysia and Singapore market.
  • Delivic formulated Nuts Glazing with various flavours – Fragrance emission while onsite roasting.
  • Delivic formulated Softserve IceCream in various flavours.


Delivic is currently at Growth Stage

We recorded revenues of RM2.5 Million in 2022 (+38% YoY) compared to RM1.8 Million in 2021. The decline in revenue in 2021 can be attributed to the adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly on our physical stores. In FY2022, Delivic has shown that we are on the right trajectory to grow our market. 





Direct-to-Consumer :

  • Retails Customers
  • Government and Corporate Customers
  • E-Commerce Customers
  • Near future – Commercial Export Market Customers & E-Commerce

Delivic focuses on Health Benefits, Snacks and Beverage.


Customer acquisition plan of our new business vertical

Delimond, our economy brand, is the gateway to premium flavors at prices that won't stretch the customer's budget. We're all about catering to ordinary people with extraordinary taste, especially those who approach healthy snacking from a unique perspective. Now available on the Shopee platform, Delimond brings accessible indulgence to your fingertips. Our mission is to redefine your snacking experience, offering a delicious range of treats that harmonize taste and wellness. 


Business Model

Delivic now operates a business to consumer or retailer model. We have physical outlets in strategic locations and online shops.

Additionally, Delivic wants to expand by opening more outlets such as Petronas convenience store, KLIA Duty Free and more shops online i.e Amazon, Taobao. We will be introducing new products such as nuts glazing, flower tea bags, and multi flavour soft serve ice cream. 

Our marketing strategy will be mass marketing in all media like magazines, newspaper, online, e-commerce, radio, tv, paid review and frequent promotions.



Delivic is a prominent player in Malaysia's dynamic Food & Beverage industry, embarked on its brand journey in 2017, marking its entrance into the culinary spotlight. Building upon this foundation, Delivic introduced its brand presence to the market in 2019, making waves in numerous Malaysia hypermarkets and renowned grocery outlets.

Through unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, Delivic has garnered a steadfast brand recognition from key players in various sectors. Notably, it has earned the trust and acclaim of retail establishments, government and corporate clientele, as well as the esteemed royal family.

With a keen eye on market dynamics, Delivic has strategically positioned itself to cater to the mid-high income demographic, extending its reach to serve the expatriate community residing in Malaysia.

Undaunted by its successes, Delivic envisions broader horizons. The brand's trajectory involves capturing diverse consumer groups both in the virtual and physical realms. This includes expanding its brand presence to tourism hotspots and securing coveted spots in airport duty-free outlets.

Delivic's global aspirations shine through its e-commerce vision, which encompasses prestigious platforms like China Taobao and Amazon. This strategic move aims to resonate with international audiences who appreciate excellence in flavors.

Moreover, Delivic is committed to sharing its remarkable offerings with the world. As part of this endeavor, the brand is diligently working towards obtaining the necessary certifications for commercial exports, poised to make a substantial impact on the global stage.

In the world of F&B, Delivic stands tall as a testament to culinary finesse, progressive expansion, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.



Competitors landscapes define in 2 perspectives.

In terms of Physical Brand Presence and eCommerce Brand Presence.

  • Delivic’s Gifts and Hampers market has made waves and proven to be appealing to our customers for consistent recurring sales and its growth.
  • DELIMOND is now on Shopee positioning at an even competitive price.
  • Delivic is a direct importer.
  • Delivic has her edge to compete.




Delivic aims to create a DELIVICAN Community, more than delivering Premium, Fresh and Healthy Products but to also create further awareness of healthy living.  

At Delivic, we hold a powerful vision close to our heart – to become a revered household name in Malaysia's Snack and Beverage FMCG realm. We aspire to be more than just a brand; we want to be a part of your everyday life, accompanying you through your moments of joy, refreshment, and indulgence.

As we journey forward, we're committed to crafting flavors that resonate with your taste buds and memories, infusing each bite and sip with a dash of nostalgia and a sprinkle of innovation. Our dedication to quality, affordability, and exceptional taste will continue to drive us, ensuring that every encounter with Delivic is a delightful one.



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  • Equity - OS
  • ~ up to 18.19%
  • RM 15,750,000
  • RM 1,000,944
  • RM 3,501,792
  • -
  • 201601029814
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