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  • Golog is an intelligent cold chain logistic platform specially designed for B2B businesses using technology and infrastructure.
  • Malaysia's very first cold chain logistics technology company that enables loose carton delivery for all B2B suppliers.


We are an intelligent cold chain logistic platform specially designed for B2B businesses using technology and infrastructure to support suppliers' purchase order delivery via sharing economic concepts by linking up the majority cold chain logistics company cold trucks.

As Malaysia's very first cold chain logistics technology company that enables loose carton delivery for all B2B suppliers and fulfills orders with empty cold trucks on the road, we're able to achieve high efficiency, hassle-free,  and lower cost.

GoLog provides a cold chain logistic platform that streamlines the traditional approach to the cold chain supply chain. We apply a series of digital algorithms unique to the brand that enables us to calculate the delivery time of every product from pickup time, delivery duration, mileage, and most importantly product freshness, allowing us to raise the efficiency of our supply chain to levels never before seen.

Our services integrate three key aspects that effectively allow us to serve on both B2B and B2C fronts: Technology, Technique, and Infrastructure. Our Technology allows us to collect and leverage inventory big data such as pricing, categorization, packaging, volume, and goods delivery lifespan. These data are then applied at our Technique stage where algorithms work to optimize delivery down to vehicle type, drops per route, and equipment type. All of this is then neatly packaged into our infrastructure that allows drivers, vendors, and customers to track, pick up, and deliver at their freedom.

Our services have been tried and tested through the pandemic as we experienced a two-fold growth in revenue with steady growth in the following months. We are now still the only brand in the market that is first to achieve the following:

1. A B2B2C model in the Cold Chain Logistics Platform, allowing us to reinvent this market and create a new segment of customers who will receive directly from their suppliers, cutting out the middle person.
2. The ability to support any form of vehicle type in delivery, enabling us to effectively and efficiently deliver at any scale, speed, or volume.
3. We do not own any delivery vehicles or fleets of our own, effectively reducing our costs and increasing our shareholder’s returns.

These qualities are what make our cold chain logistics platform one that is miles ahead of our competitors.


The traditional cold chain logistic model has always been plagued by the same set of problems from both the service provider and the user’s end. Business owners who utilize any cold chain delivery services often pay a premium to ensure stocks arrive at their premises, this results in a higher cost in delivering products which lowers their margins. Other problems include middlemen incurring additional costs and issues with small-volume stocks costing more than high-volume ones. Last but not least, there is no guarantee that their product will even arrive fresh.

Service providers are not without their challenges as well. Most suffer from the pains of not having proper distribution hubs that streamline their system by enabling fleets to pick up and deliver from a singular checkpoint. Most operators also have the immense cost of maintaining their fleet, which in turn increases the cost of their services. One of the biggest challenges faced by operators currently is the issue of efficiency where it is far too common for a single truck that is barely filled to be delivered, resulting in the issue known as Less-Than-Truckload shipment, one of the biggest plagues of current operators.


Our service is based on a tried and tested algorithm that allows us to solve all these problems and more. Our algorithm and service model enables us to tackle the existing problems of the traditional cold chain business model and advance the current state of the industry.

Delivery Hubs and Warehouses
GoLog operates its warehouses which allows goods and data to be centralized before being delivered. This stage is crucial to our service as it allows us to log in the data of every product that comes through our system and enables us to deliver the best service time while expanding the efficiency of our service through leveraging big data.

Load Optimization
Using our program, we can maximize the delivery capacity of each truck that serves using our system. Our algorithms will pre-map routes for every load, taking into account the delivery time and product freshness upon arrival. This allows every truck to take on maximum capacity and deliver with maximum efficiency via pre-planned routes to multiple drop-offs.

GoLog Cold Hubs
By partnering with hotels or with premises with storage facilities, we can ensure product delivery and freshness by setting up GoLog Cold Hubs. In the case where customers are not able to receive their delivery, products will the delivered to these Cold Hub partners where clients can then pick them up at a later time. This process is also reversible where deliveries can be dropped by vendors at cold hubs and will be received by GoLog fleet members to be delivered.

Assured Product Freshness
Our algorithm takes into account the type of food product that is being delivered and enables us to optimize delivery time and distance to ensure that the product is at peak freshness upon delivery.

Our secret sauce to success that sets us apart from the others currently in the industry is our unique algorithm and use of big data. Our algorithm allows our services to be optimized and made more efficient than any other currently in the cold chain logistics market. Similarly, the use of big data in our database will continuously improve our efficiency as a cold chain platform when we onboard more products and customers. The very same algorithm and optimization also allow us to ensure our cold chain platform provides the best in service when it comes to product freshness.




Our solutions are offered in both B2B and B2C models. We serve businesses that require frozen, chilled, or fresh foods delivered to their premises such as restaurants, grocers, and markets that receive their goods either from farms, fisheries, or straight from the port. In the B2C model, businesses such as e-commerce platforms and online retailers utilize our fleets to deliver their goods to end-users.

Business Model


Our target market is predominantly businesses that require goods delivered fresh, frozen, or chilled. The agricultural industry is one of the prime markets with over half a million farmers within Malaysia alone, adding up to an industry that is worth 28 billion ringgit and growing. Fisheries are also one of our primary targets where quality control is key. Food production and manufacturers are also a prime target for us, a market worth 10 billion ringgit with an average of 6% annual growth.

Currently, in the market, 45% of these targets of ours outsource their logistic problems to traditional logistic solutions with the other 55% relying on their fleets. This is an industry that at this point has yet to experience a digital revolution and we are looking to disrupt it with a game-changing solution.


Key competitors in the cold chain logistic market are Bungkus It, Delifresh, LALAMOVE, Zoom, ZEPTO and many more. Most if not all of our competitors are still considered pioneers in this industry and have a firm hold on the market. However, we must highlight once again that this industry is a hundred percent void of a complete digital solution incorporating big data and algorithms. Our solution will change the way deliveries are made from the smaller B2C scale to the bulk scale of the B2B clients.



Investment Terms

Our brand has received extensive coverage and recognition as a revolutionary industry driver that is primed to change a crippled industry hindered by a lack of tech. We have been featured by the local entrepreneur platform BEAMSTART which has referenced us as the answer to a billion-dollar problem in the logistics industry. Other mainstream media that have also featured and recognized our efforts are The Edge Market Place, Bernama, The Star, and Vulcan Post.



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