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  • JMI Group Sdn. Bhd.
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  • Malaysia First Homecooked meal Caterer offering hundreds over menus from Three (3) different cuisines selection.
  • Registered customers over 3,000;
  • Service areas: Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Seremban, Melaka.
  • Secured for placement of 8 vending machines within prominent universities and hospital, including airport.


Our business revolves around providing daily fresh meals and convenient ready-to-eat, hot food through innovative vending solutions. The success we've achieved with our current cloud kitchen has inspired us to aim higher. With your investment, we intend to scale our operations by establishing multiple central and express kitchens with technology. This infusion of capital will be instrumental in propelling our expansion journey and catering to a wider audience.


Time Constraints: Many People have busy lifestyles and find it challenging to prepare daily & healthy meals regularly or go grocery shopping. In Urban areas, access to fresh and affordable meals can be limited, especially in universities and hostels.

Limited Skill: Some people may not have the skill or confidence to prepare daily & healthy meals or may suffer from Mageirocophobia (fear of cooking).

Limited Healthy Options: Traditional vending machines often offer limited choices, especially in urban environments, universities, and hostels.

Variety and Convenience: Finding a balance between variety and convenience in meals can be challenging. Our business strives to offer diverse ready-to-eat options catering to different tastes and dietary preferences.

Environmental Impact: The food industry can contribute to environmental issues through excess packaging and transportation. Our focus on providing local, fresh meals can help reduce the carbon footprint associated with food production and distribution.


JMI’s entire concept revolves around providing convenience to people, ensuring that they can easily access to meals anytime, anywhere. Aspiring to be a pioneer in a new culinary revolution within Malaysian F&B industry.


Daily meal subscription: Eliminate the need for grocery shopping and meal planning, saving your family valuable time. Regular & timely meal deliveries, we ensure that customers always have delicious meals on hand, without having to spend time cooking. Our meals subscription plan, 2 meals a day saves the hassle of working adults and families. These meals are designed to provide a balanced and nutritious option for individuals or families with busy schedules.

Healthy Meal Options: We offer a diverse menu of meals made from high-quality ingredients, no MSG, gluten-free, catering to different dietary preferences and health goals. Our meals are prepared with a focus on balanced nutritional value, providing a healthier alternative. Hence, our food is suitable for children to the elderly. 

Automated Ordering Cloud Kitchen: Online platform where customers can easily place their orders and customize their meal preferences. Automated kitchen equipment and pre-programmed recipes reduce labor, and wastage as well as improve consistency in food quality.

Accessibility to Fresh Food: By expanding from a single cloud kitchen to multiple express kitchens and 24/7 hot food vending, we aim to increase our reach and accessibility. This expansion strategy allows us to serve a wider geographical area, like College and University, ensuring that more people have access to freshly prepared economical meals. 

Variety and Convenience: Our menu is carefully curated to provide a wide range of meal options, from Chinese, Japanese, and Western cuisines. A variety of over 400 menus ensures that customers can find meals that suit their tastes and dietary needs, while the convenience of our vending machines makes access easy. 

Environmental Impact on Delivery: Our commitment to sourcing local ingredients and reducing food miles contributes to minimizing the environmental impact of our business. By preparing meals in central and express kitchens closer to our customers, we reduce the need for extensive transportation and packaging. Packing using eco-friendly food containers and reusable tiffin carriers.


Daily Meal Delivery

Ready – to – Eat 


Buffet Catering 

Hot-Food Vending 


Daily Meal Delivery (FoodHeart): We provide daily delivery of freshly prepared meals to ensure that customers have a consistent source of nutritious and delicious food, saving them time and effort in meal preparation. Homecooked meals are portioned out, making it easier to manage your calorie intake and maintain a healthy diet & typically made fresh and delivered promptly, ensuring that the food is of high quality and retains its flavor. Over 300 menus of Chinese, Japanese, and Western cuisines. 

Ready-to-Eat Prefabricated Food (FoodHeart): Ready-to-Cook, Ready-to-Heat & Ready-to-EAT (RTE) are more cost-effective than eating out or buying individual ingredients for cooking. Ready-to-eat prefabricated meals guarantee convenience without compromising on quality, making it easy for busy individuals to enjoy satisfying meals quickly. 

Buffet Catering (FoodHeart & CaterPro): Our buffet catering services offer a versatile option for events and gatherings, providing a variety of dishes that cater to even the smallest group. Minimum 6 pax to unlimited convenient option for small gatherings or events. cost-effective option compared to full-service catering or dining out. Buffets can be customized to suit different dietary needs and preferences. 

Hot Food Vending (FoodLogy): Through our innovative vending machines, we offer hot food options that are readily available and offer an alternative to fast food, enhancing accessibility to healthier meal choices. Our 24/7 services are available round the clock. We also provide sales and installation, support, and maintenance for Vending Machine. We provide sales of hot food Vending machines, and inventory stock-up services and maintenance services, and technical & software support. 

Vending Machines are an analysis of big data to predict the best product mix for restocking vending machines. The data are as follows: Sales, User, Machine, Product, Time & date, weather, promotion & marketing, Feedback & ratings, Inventory, and geographical data.

Accessibility and Freshness (FoodHeart & CaterPro): Our commitment to accessibility is reflected in our expansion to various central and express kitchens, enabling us to serve a broader audience while ensuring the freshness of our meals.

Food Tech Integration (FoodHeart, Caterpro, FoodLogy): Our seamless app ordering system enhances convenience, enabling customers to place orders at their fingertips while managing payments through an integrated e-wallet system. We will collect data about your preferences and behaviors that help refine our product offerings, marketing strategies, and dining patterns. Data-driven insights can streamline operations, leading to cost savings and improved efficiency of kitchen operations. Personalized offerings and loyalty programs can increase customer spending and retention, positively impacting revenue.

Express kitchen & gig cook (FoodHeart & Caterpro): Our commitment to accessibility is reflected in our expansion to various central and express kitchens with home cook gigs, enabling us to serve a broader audience while ensuring the freshness of our meals.

Points and Rewarding System (FoodHeart, CaterPro & Foodlogy): We offer a points-based reward system to appreciate customer loyalty, encourage repeat business, and build a strong relationship with our clientele.


Current Traction: 

  • Our current revenue is over RM 1.4 million.
  • We have successfully registered over 3,000 customers, with a daily meal volume exceeding 440.
  • Our service areas include Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Seremban, Melaka, and Johor.
  • We maintain a commendable customer retention rate of 34%, demonstrating strong brand loyalty.
  • The cost of customer acquisition averages 20 RM per customer.
  • Our revenue breakdown shows that 72% comes from daily meals, 24% from buffet catering, and 4% from ready-to-eat prefabricated food (RTE).
  • On average, we engage with 480 active monthly customers.
  • We have secured for placement of 8 vending machines within prominent universities, hospitals, and airports.

Key Milestones Achieved: 

2020 -Startup Sole Prop
-Coverage Puchong, PJ, Subang
-Serve Western & Japanese Cuisines

2021 -Expand coverage to KL, Shah Alam 
-Open new product line – Buffet Catering

2022 -Incorporated Sdn Bhd
-Open new product line – Little Cook (Pre-fabricated meal)
-Serving B2B market (Tadika, Day Care)

2023 -successfully built loyal customer base of over 3000 users. 
-supplying RTE food to B2B market (Cafes & Resturants, Frozen Mart)
-Open new branch in Seremban 
-Launch of our dedicated web platform to subscribe meal plans, make payment through integrated e-wallet system.
-Launch of vending machines in Universities demonstrates our commitment to innovation and convenience 
-incorporated Caterpro Sdn Bhd, Vendlogy Sdn Bhd & JMI Group Sdn Bhd. 
-Acquire more locations for Vending machines and successfully deploy 14 units of Vending machines to Hospitals and Universities. 

  • The launch of vending machines in university locations demonstrates our commitment to innovation and convenience.
  • One of our critical milestones has been the successful launch of our dedicated web and mobile app platform. This platform enables customers to subscribe to meal plans, place meal orders, track deliveries in real time, and make payments through an integrated e-wallet system.
  • Our web and app platform serves as the cornerstone of our customer engagement strategy, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience.
  • In the future, we plan to integrate this platform with our vending machines, enhancing accessibility and convenience for our customers.

Future Vision: 

  • Looking ahead, our vision extends beyond meal delivery and vending. We see AI and big data playing a pivotal role in our growth strategy.
  • We envision our platform evolving into an economic sharing platform with a cook gig, and chef-less cloud kitchen where technology in AI and big data analysis will facilitate the efficient sharing of resources and services among our user community.
  • Through AI-driven insights and data-driven decision-making, we aim to create a sustainable ecosystem that benefits both customers and partners.

Projected Growth: 

  • Our projected revenue on Food is set to soar to RM 6.7 million. 
  • We plan to expand into new territories and launch our services in Singapore.
  • Our ready-to-eat prefabricated food sales will see substantial growth, reaching 1 million RM. This expansion includes entry into grocery stores, hypermarkets in Malaysia and Singapore, as well as international markets
  • Over the next year, we aim to deploy 28 units of hot food vending machines, contributing to a projected revenue of RM 492,000.
  • In total revenue, our anticipated revenue of Vending Machines sold for the next 12 months is an impressive RM 1 million.
  • We projected the total number of registered active users in meal subscriptions to be 1,300. Hot food Vending Active Users is 2,200.


Current Customers: 

  • Our current customer base primarily consists of daily meal subscribers, primarily comprising young Chinese working families. These individuals value the convenience of our meal subscription service, which caters to their busy schedules.
  • Our catering services are in high demand among nurseries and corporate events, where we provide diverse and delicious buffet options.
  • Additionally, our ready-to-eat prefabricated food (RTE) offerings cater to restaurants that lack a central kitchen or chef and mini markets seeking fresh, ready-made meal solutions.

Target Audience and Industry Focus: 

  • As we expand, our target audience will extend to the Malay community, particularly families with both parents working and limited time for meal preparation. This expansion aligns with the launch of new halal RTE products, appealing to a broader demographic.
  • To further penetrate the market, we plan to hire business development executives who will focus on entering grocers, supermarkets, and exploring export opportunities, including establishing a presence in overseas and Singapore.
  • Additionally, we aim to participate in food events to connect with new B2B customers for our RTC offerings. Exploring the halal food market

Hot Food Vending Expansion: 

  • Our hot food vending machines are strategically placed in universities and colleges, attracting young consumers and students who later become loyal customers as they enter the workforce.
  • Future target locations include factories and hostels where late-night dining options are limited. We also plan to target Universities, offices, and airports, further expanding our reach.

Customer Acquisition Plan: 

  • Our customer acquisition strategy encompasses various approaches:
  • Leveraging social media to increase brand visibility and engage with potential customers.
  • Enhancing customer retention by offering rewards and referral bonuses within their e-wallets.
  • Encouraging users to download our vending app by providing incentives, earning points, and rewards.
  • Offering first-time purchase discounts to drive downloads of our vending app, targeting a user base of 4,500 in the first 12-month
  • Integrating our two meal apps (halal and non-halal) with the vending app, creating a unified ecosystem.
  • Utilizing our points and rewards system to attract potential F&B partners, allowing them to showcase their products within our platform.

This comprehensive approach to customer acquisition aligns with our goal of reaching a broader audience, expanding our market presence, and fostering partnerships within the F&B industry.

Business Model

Our Kitchen 

The cloud kitchen model also known as Dark's Kitchen or Ghost's Kitchen that does not require an on-site chef. Instead, the food is prepared using automated kitchen equipment and pre-programmed recipes. Other than reducing the cost of chef, manpower, rent rate and improving consistency in food quality with better food management, it also allows us to license “Home Cooking gigs" helping housewives or empower women to generate income & build a shared economic platform to capture market share of "Mangkuk Tingkat”. We operate on a full-stack business model as a cloud kitchen that controls, and manages all aspects of the delivery process, from food preparation to delivery to the end customer. 

Our business operates on 2 types of business model 

Business Model 1: Ready & Fresh food 

Meal Subscription (B2C): This model is primarily B2C and centers around recurring income. Customers pay in advance, allowing us to efficiently manage food preparation and minimize wastage. Our goal is to lower food costs to 35% to maximize profit margins.

Corporate Organisation (B2B): Catering for corporate events, nurseries, and daycare centers. Outsourced to various F&B outlets, eliminating the need for a dedicated in-house kitchen and culinary team. 

Ready-to-Eat Prefabricated Food (RTE): Our RTE products cater to both B2C and B2B markets. We plan to expand our RTC offerings, both halal and non-halal, and distribute them through various platforms, including hypermarkets, grocery stores, and international markets such as Southeast Asia. This expansion aligns with our R&D efforts to introduce new cuisines like Malay, Korean, and Southeast Asian favorites. 

Express Kitchen Licensing (B2B2C): As we accumulate more than 5,000 active customers, we will introduce a new model by licensing our kitchen operations to entrepreneurs who wish to operate their own express kitchens under our brand, such as "Gig Home Chef." This model enables them to generate income by preparing meals for vending machines and daily meal subscribers. It fosters a shared economic platform where multiple partners contribute to meal production without the need for extensive kitchen staff. This innovative approach enhances scalability and revenue potential. The cook will prepack, repack, and reheat in the express kitchen. 


Business Model 2: Vending & Technology 

This is another B2C model that also collects valuable user data. Customers who download our app for ordering can earn points, making it a B2P2B model as well. Through the app, we can also promote other F&B brands and provide doorstep delivery.

Public traffic Consumers 

Incentives for Adoption: To encourage app downloads, we offer enticing incentives, including first-time purchase discounts. Enhanced Retention: We boost customer retention through a dynamic rewards system and referral bonuses credited within their e-wallets. 

Unified Ecosystem: By integrating our two meal apps (halal and non-halal) with the vending app, we create a seamless and unified meal-ordering ecosystem for our users. 

Owner of vending Machine 

Collaborating with individual investors who purchase vending machines as the rightful owner 

Leasing Model: Investors lease these machines back to us, allowing us to operate and maintain them. 

Financial Flexibility: This strategy frees us from asset-related financial constraints, enabling us to focus our resources on optimizing cloud kitchen operations. 

Vending Machine Operator: Our dedicated team ensures machines are consistently stocked with fresh hot food and maintained for optimal performance. 

Monitoring and Location Selection: monitor performance data, identify prime locations, and relocate underperforming machines. 

Franchise Opportunity: We offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to purchase vending machines, facilitating business start-ups within the vending machine space. 


We capitalize on vending machines' screens and sticker labels to display advertisements. 

Additional Income: Ad placements generate a supplementary and steady income stream, diversifying our revenue sources.

Data-Driven Insights: Data analysis, using insights to make informed decisions and drive innovation, particularly in consumer preferences and targeted advertising to niche audience

Business Goals: 

  • Expand our express kitchen licensing program to empower entrepreneurs and create a shared economic platform.
  • Continue to innovate in our meal offerings, optimizing our product mix and expanding into new markets.
  • Focus on a no-dine space model, emphasizing kitchen automation and innovation to save on rent and efficiently serve a 5km radius.
  • Utilize big data and AI-driven insights to optimize customer revenue, understand customer behavior, identify peak order times, and refine product offerings.
  • Expand with our Gig-home chef to accommodate meal subscriptions, hot food vending, and corporate buffet catering.
  • Establish long-term contracts with NGOs, government agencies, and corporate clients for catering services.
  • Leverage our RTE product line by placing them in various online and offline platforms, catering to both local and international markets.

Marketing Strategy: 

  • B2C marketing efforts will be focused on social media and influencer partnerships to engage with individual customers.
  • Partner with local influencers and food bloggers to promote our offerings to their followers.
  • Optimize our online presence for local searches to ensure your cloud kitchen appears in relevant search results.
  • Attend industry events and trade shows to connect with potential corporate clients and showcase our catering services, vending machine investment, and entrepreneurship program
  • A robust online platform where F&B partners can easily list their products and fair commission and reward qualified partners
  • Offer first-time order discounts, loyalty rewards, and bundle deals to incentivize repeat orders and attract new customers to our web wallet account.
  • Leverage your existing customer base from BC2 and B2B segments to introduce your RTE products, using targeted email campaigns and promotions.
  • Implement referral programs that incentivize satisfied B2B & B2C clients to refer new customers to our web registration
  • Develop unique & appealing RTE that stand out in the market. Focus on quality, innovation & address customer needs
  • Tailor catering packages for the specific needs of tiny to large groups, event planners & corporate offices.
  • Online presence with a user-friendly and visually appealing website and mobile app where customers can browse the menu, change & place orders, and track deliveries
  • For B2B expansion, we will employ a Business Development team to establish partnerships, network, and attend food fairs and events to introduce our catering services.

Financial Plan: Allocate a percentage of revenues for strategic reinvestment

  • 2% for Research and Development (R&D) to continually innovate and expand our product offerings.
  • 7 -12% for marketing expenditure to promote our brand and reach new customers.
  • 2 - 4 % to support our technology team in developing and enhancing our digital platforms.


Current Industry Focus: Our current industry focus revolves around the food sector, specifically targeting the Ready-to-Eat (RTE) and daily meal subscription markets. Additionally, we have a presence in the "mangkuk tingkat" (tiffin delivery) and vending machine segments. 

Market Share: In the "mangkuk tingkat" segment, our current market share stands at less than 5% in Malaysia. Our RTE products are predominantly serving our existing customer base, with plans underway to extend our reach into grocery stores and supermarkets. 

Market Capture Goals: Our vision is to capture a substantial share of the "mangkuk tingkat" market, setting an ambitious target of 30% market share in both Malaysia and Singapore. To achieve this, we are pioneering innovative licensing models and introducing the groundbreaking "Gig Home Chef" concept. These initiatives not only help us acquire new customers from existing operators but also expand our customer base significantly through our user-friendly app. This transformation is poised to streamline our high operating costs and shift us away from traditional kitchen operation methods.

Market Expansion: 

  • As part of our expansion strategy, our initial focus is on strengthening our presence in Singapore. We plan to leverage the cultural similarities and address the challenges of high labor and rent costs. Our vending machine business in Singapore is positioned for significant profitability.
  • Further expansion plans include entering the vibrant markets of China, Bangkok, and Vietnam. These urban markets exhibit a growing demand for convenient meal solutions, that align perfectly with our offerings.
  • To tap into the global arena, we intend to introduce RTE products in Overseas, catering to both local and international tastes. Simultaneously, our Halal RTC product line will target Muslim-majority countries, addressing a significant market niche.
  • The vending machine business will see widespread deployment across universities, colleges, and highway rest areas. Our unique approach involves engaging individual investors and retirees to purchase vending machines and lease them back to us for operation and maintenance. This strategic move allows us to steer clear of asset-related financial constraints and instead focus our resources on cloud kitchen operations, data analysis, and innovative kitchen automation.

These strategic initiatives underscore our commitment to solidify our presence in local and Southeast Asian markets while making significant inroads into international markets. We are dedicated to catering to diverse tastes and preferences across the globe.


Local Competitors:

  • Aunty Lau: A local competitor offering meal delivery and catering services within the Klang Valley. Notably, they have not invested heavily in technology and do not have their own advanced website.
  • Lizz Kitchen: Another local player specializing in meal delivery and catering services within the Klang Valley. Like Aunty Lau, they have not pursued technological advancements.
  • Dayday Catering: Providing meal delivery and catering services locally, with a focus on convenience and a traditional approach. The Leaf Nutrition: A local competitor in the meal delivery and catering space, offering health-focused meal options.

Regional Competitors: 

  • Pop Meal: A significant regional competitor with a presence in Malaysia and Thailand. They have invested in technology and have over 40 outlets, making them a formidable player in the industry.
  • CloudEats: Food delivery platform and cloud kitchen operator based in the Philippines. The company focuses on providing a convenient and diverse range of food options to customers through a network of virtual or cloud kitchens. These kitchens are designed for preparing meals exclusively for delivery and takeout orders, without traditional dine-in options.

Global Competitors: 

  • FreshMenu: An Indian-based cloud kitchen and food delivery startup serving a substantial volume of daily meal orders. They operate 27+ kitchens and employ over 500 staff members and 700+ delivery personnel.

Our Unique Proposition: 

Our distinguishing factor in this competitive landscape lies in our comprehensive approach to fresh meal solutions and technological innovation. Our unique proposition includes: 

  • Daily Fresh Meals: We prioritize the delivery of freshly prepared meals to our customers, ensuring consistent quality and taste. O
  • Ongoing R&D: We are committed to continuous research and development, expanding our ready-to-eat international brand offerings to cater to diverse palates.
  • Hot Food Vending: Our innovative vending solutions bring hot, ready-to-eat meals to consumers, adding a layer of convenience to our services.
  • Future Automation: We're looking ahead to a fully automated robotic restaurant, emphasizing our focus on cutting-edge technology.
  • Technology Integration: We place a strong emphasis on integrating technology, enhancing the customer experience, and streamlining operations.
  • Reward System: Our points-based reward system adds value to our customers' experience, incentivizing loyalty.
  • Empowering Home Cook: Through the "Gig Home Cook" concept, we empower female home cooks, housewives, or homepreneurs and aspire to evolve into express kitchens to generate income.,


Total Funds to Raise: RM499,500 

Technology Development (RM158,000)[32%]: Investment in enhancing our technological infrastructure, app development, vending backend system and strengthening our financial and enterprise resource planning capabilities.

Others (RM188,500)[38%]: Working Capital to ensure sufficient liquidity to support day-to-day operations and growth.

Marketing Expenditure (RM103,000)[21%]: Investing in marketing initiatives to boost brand awareness and customer acquisition. 

Kitchen Equipment (RM50,000)[10%]: Procuring kitchen equipment for our cloud kitchen operations. 

Fund Utilization Plan: 



Our vision is to revolutionize the culinary landscape, transcending geographical boundaries to bring the joy of exceptional dining experiences to everyone, everywhere. 

Bigger Plans: 

Global Culinary Exploration: Our journey extends beyond borders as we embark on a quest to take Malaysian-style food to international markets. Through relentless research and development, we're transforming beloved local dishes into Ready-to-Eat (RTE) creations, both frozen and non-frozen, catering to diverse tastes worldwide. 

Freshness as Our Pledge: Our commitment to delivering freshness remains unwavering. We operate cloud kitchens designed to provide daily meals and buffets with the utmost freshness and quality, making dining a delightful experience for all. 

Convenience Redefined: Convenience is at the core of our mission. Beyond our cloud kitchen offerings, we're expanding into the realm of hot food vending, making it easier for individuals to savor delicious meals on the go. But this is just the beginning. 

Industry Consolidation: We have ambitious plans to consolidate smaller buffet operators and home-based "Mangkuk Tingkat" providers. By inviting home cooks to join our ecosystem, we aim to empower them through our app, providing opportunities for gig work, culinary training, and access to our streamlined kitchen processes. 

Licensing Kitchen Innovation: Our vision includes licensing our innovative kitchen processes to individuals and entrepreneurs, and creating a network of empowered culinary enthusiasts who can deliver exceptional meals under our brand.

A Step into Automation: Looking to the future, we aspire to pioneer fully automated restaurants, where cutting-edge technology takes center stage. Our goal is to provide affordable and delectable meals to a broad spectrum of consumers. 

In essence, our bigger plans encompass a journey toward making economy meals accessible to everyone, transcending boundaries, and harnessing technology to redefine the culinary experience. We're driven by the belief that exceptional food should be within reach for all, regardless of location or circumstance. 

ESG Commitment (Environmental, Sustainability & Governance) 


Background of the founder: 

Jamee Loong is the visionary behind our company, bringing a wealth of expertise and a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit to the table. With a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Marketing, Jamee's career has been punctuated by notable achievements and a diverse skill set. 

Entrepreneurial Success: Jamee's journey as an entrepreneur commenced with remarkable achievements. Notably, she orchestrated grand events, including the management of a banquet for thousands of guests during an anniversary dinner, showcasing her impeccable organizational skills. 

Digital Marketing Expertise: Jamee has amassed eight years of experience in leadership roles within the digital marketing industry. Her tenure as a leader in operations was instrumental in managing sales for a digital marketing firm, where she consistently delivered outstanding results. 

Sales Recognition: Jamee's career is marked by accolades as a top achiever, earning numerous awards in the insurance agency sector. Her mastery of leadership, problem-solving, negotiation, and interpersonal skills have contributed to her success. 

Research Insight: Jamee's proficiency extends to leading research projects for prominent companies, where she has demonstrated the ability to deliver actionable insights and drive strategic decision-making. 

Jamee's relentless drive, combined with her diverse skill set, has been instrumental in the company's growth and strategic vision. She owns 80% of JMI Group Sdn Bhd, with the remaining 20% allocated for a talent pool to foster the growth of affiliated companies in the future. Her dynamic leadership continues to propel our business forward.

Stanley Ng - Chief Financial Officer (CFO) 

Stanley Ng is our financial virtuoso and a driving force behind our strategic financial success. Holding credentials as a Certified International Business Coach and a Chartered Accountant of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), Stanley is a beacon of financial expertise. 

Exceptional Financial Leadership: With over 25 years of experience, Stanley has been instrumental in aiding SMEs through a multitude of financial challenges. His accomplishments range from tax planning, franchise planning, and profit planning to equity fundraising, debt restructuring, pre-IPO consulting, and Merger & Acquisition advisories. 

Technology Integration: Stanley also brings tech-savvy capabilities to the table, having successfully overseen the implementation of ERP systems, including Oracle NetSuite. As a result coach specializing in performance management with KPIs and OKRs, he's a strategic visionary in our finance division.


Keith Tang - Head of Information Technology 

Keith Tang is the technological maestro behind our digital prowess, leading our IT department with remarkable proficiency. His expertise encompasses a diverse array of technologies and software development. 

Cutting-Edge Development: With an impressive skill set ranging from HTML, CSS & SCSS to JavaScript ES6, PHP – Laravel, JAVA - Native Android, and Ionic - Hybrid Android & IOS, Keith has spearheaded the development of our digital platforms.

Live Chat Innovation: Keith is renowned for his specialization in creating live chat platforms, e-commerce solutions, and Live Draw reward systems. His profound understanding of technology, including Microsoft 11,, has cemented our presence in the Asia Region. 

Jackson Ng - Head of Sales & Marketing 

Jackson Ng, our marketing maven, is at the helm of crafting dynamic strategies for new products and promotions. His dedication to customer growth and in-depth market insights have been invaluable to our company. 

Marketing Brilliance: Jackson has demonstrated exceptional prowess in analyzing marketing trends, competitive research, and collaborative efforts across sales and marketing divisions. With a Bachelor of Business (International Trade & Marketing) from Victoria University, Australia, and a stellar CGPA of 5.8, his academic and professional achievements are exceptional. 

Award-Winning Excellence: Notably, Jackson is a top-tier insurance agent with prestigious award qualifications, further underlining his excellence in marketing, teamwork, and relationship building.

Investment Terms


  1. pitchIN and its officers and staff may also be investing in this campaign
  2. Under ECF Guidelines, valuation is determined and set by the Issuer. Investors are advised to carefully peruse all investment offers and documents before making investment decisions.
  • Equity - OS
  • ~ up to 1.77%
  • RM 27,750,000
  • RM 303,030
  • RM 499,500
  • -
  • JMI Group Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1517164H
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