Labuan Rusukan Besar Resort

Labuan Rusukan Besar Resort Labuan's First and Only Island Resort

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  • IR9/B2, First Floor, Pertama Industrial Estate, Jalan Ranca-Ranca
  • 201901040491
  • One and Only - We are the ONLY island resort in Labuan, located within the best diving spots in Labuan and Geosites
  • Tourism Buzz - With the tourism industry bustling post pandemic, NOW is the time to spearhead prime tourism investments


Labuan Rusukan Besar Resort is the ONLY island resort in Federal Territory of Labuan, East Malaysia, which is a 2.5 hours direct flight from Kuala Lumpur.

The resort has been operational since 2019, with 5 wooden chalets and 3 family rooms which can accommodate 15 overnight tourists at a time. With very basic facilities, and the beauty of the marine park, it has attracted around 2,000 domestic visitors per year during the pandemic, and was a “must visit spot” for foreign tourists to Labuan before the pandemic. 

Our resort is strategically located at the Labuan Marine Park and Geosite, with a turtle conservation centre right next to us. There are four main historical wreck diving sites which showcase a rich underwater ecosystem.


Currently, there is no star-rated resort with proper amenities at the Labuan Marine Park area to offer luxurious island staycations to foreign tourists from across the world. Labuan is always a bustling city with a booming oil and gas industry, and international business and financial centre. 

On top of that, Labuan has geological sites that has yet to be utilised for research and educational activities, and geotourism development.

There is also no other operator providing eco-tourism activities such as snorkelling, diving, education tourism on marine life, turtle and coral conservation related activities at the Labuan Marine Park area.


We are going to upgrade to a star-rated resort which consists of 28 unit chalets, with full amenities to support the growth of ecotourism, geotourism and recreational diving activities in Labuan.

With a proper star-rated resort on the island, visitors may enjoy their stay and contribute to the eco and geotourism in Labuan.


The upgraded resort will also be a sanctuary for diverse divers who are attracted to the historical wreck diving sites, and to have a comfortable layover during their surface interval.



At the moment, we are offering 8 chalets and family rooms for lodging with meals. Visitors may have staycations, day trips or diving trips at anytime of the year. We also offer beach activities such as snorkeling, ATV, kayak etc. 


The following graph shows the visitor tractions since the resort started its operation in November 2019:

Pre-Covid, visitors to Labuan made up to about 30% of visitors to Sabah.  We are confident that this trend will continue in the coming years, post-Covid.

As such, we projected our post-Covid occupancy to increase significantly with the upgraded services that we will be offering.

Press Releases



In earlier 2023 when Malaysia re-opened its borders to foreign visitors, we have had a wide range of visitors from Brunei, Lithuania, Myanmar, Taiwan, China, India, Costa Rica, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, Singapore and etc.



Business Model




Create a harmonious holiday within the nature, care and respect the Earth and the environment.


Jeffrey Lee

A Sabah-borned businessman with more than 30 years of entrepreneurship experience.
Involved in tourism industry since 2015, and started the island resort in 2016.
He is very passionate and committed on the path chosen, and strikes his best to contribute to the tourism industry in Labuan.


Kok Su Kian

General Manager
Education background: MBA
20 years of corporate experience, Labuan born tourism player, and she is also a Labuan licensed tour guide.

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  • Equity - RCPS
  • ~ up to 15.00%
  • RM 58,000,000
  • RM 5,000,000
  • RM 10,000,000
  • -
  • IR9/B2, First Floor, Pertama Industrial Estate, Jalan Ranca-Ranca
  • 201901040491
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