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Nori Malaysia Nori is a Brand Incubator for Celebrities.

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  • Nori Malaysia Sdn Bhd
  • 39-1, Jala Anggerik Aranda BG 31/BG, Kota Kemuning
  • 954393-H
  • Brand incubator for self-care products with multiple local A-List Celebrities endorsement.
  • Products listed in credible physical store fronts (AEON, Watsons, SOGO), possesses online & offline marketing channels (Shopee Mall, LazMall, TikTok).
  • Posted strong revenue growth of RM 2,341,988 for YTD 2023 (+33.69% YoY) and 3 year CAGR of 35.93%.


Nori Malaysia helps celebrities bring their ideas to life, building their brands from the ground up. From product development and fulfillment to marketing and customer service, our partnered celebrities can dedicate their full attention to creating quality products that add value to the lives of their fans. 

We specialize in lifestyle products in the beauty and personal care industry, with extensive online and offline omnichannel distribution networks spanning popular retail outlets nationwide such as Aeon, Sogo, and Watsons. We are also listed on e-commerce platforms such as Shopee Mall, LazMall, TikTok, and and are inspired by Fenty Beauty, Kylie Cosmetic, and SKIMS by Kim Kardashian.


“Tak kenal maka tak cinta.” 
– Traditional Malay proverb

Building a brand is an uphill task. Starting from scratch with little help is a near-impossible task, time-consuming, heavy upfront cost, and extraordinary mental fortitude. This is also exacerbated by competition from local and international brands, all vying for dominance in the market.

Often, the merits of one’s product alone are not enough to stand out from the rest, most of the time drowned out by brands with more resources and a higher working budget to capture the attention of would-be customers. With consumer attention split and distracted, new brands in their maiden voyage through the unforgiving market face the arduous task of building their brand identity and establishing themselves within the consumer landscape.

But even if a brand manages to establish its presence, a shift has occurred in recent times where consumers have shown a preference for individualistic brands. Consumers have preferences & psychological biases when making decisions. Naturally, consumers resonate more with brands that have a “face” that tells the brand story. Historically this has been done via celebrity endorsements, but with the development of social media, these endorsements can come via key opinion leaders (KOLs) who often do not have the necessary expertise or industry experience to deliver the desired outcome.  



There is no doubt that celebrities hold an influence over our purchasing habits because celebrity brands are visible and easily recognizable. Their influence is especially far-reaching in this digital attention economy, extending to offline and online channels via brand partnerships or entertainment advertisements.

Enter Nori Malaysia, the brand incubator for celebrities. 

We work with celebrated individuals to curate the desired product of their dreams while scaling up the brand recognition associated with their hard work and fame. With Nori Malaysia, celebrities can efficiently create, launch, and scale omnichannel branded products through our established manufacturing and distribution partnerships. 


By pooling our resources, Nori Malaysia has the opportunity to bring 2-fold values

1. helping celebrities build and scale their businesses and fame; and 

2. Bringing high-quality, celebrity-curated products to a larger audience. 


We are currently focused on 4 categories of the Health and Beauty segment. 

Here is the list of our products :

1. Fragrance
a. The Oud by Aaron Aziz Jameela
b. The Oud by Aaron Aziz Sabr
c. The Oud by Aaron Aziz Al-Bayt Home Fragrance
d. SURI Dream by Lisa Surihani
e. Crush by Rita Rudaini
f. Crush Again by Rita Rudaini
g. London by Eyra Hazali
h. Barcelona by Eyra Hazali
I. Paris by Eyra Hazali

2. Hair Care
a. SURI Hair Fall Control
b. SURI Conditioner
c. SURI Scalp Serum
d. SURI Hair Serum

3. Skin Care
a. Crush Makeup Remover
b. Crush Whitening Cream

4. Personal Care
a. Crush Shower Gel
b. Sophiashal Aloe Vera Gel



We are currently listed in the following outlets :

1. Watsons
• Pavilion KL
• 1Utama
• Sunway Pyramid
• MidValley KL
• Pavilion Bukit Jalil
• IOI City Mall 1 & 2
• Ampang Point
• iCity Shah Alam

2. Aeon
• Taman Maluri
• Bukit Tinggi
• Seremban2
• Nilai
• Bandaraya Melaka
• Tebrau City
• Kota Bharu
• Shah Alam

3. Sogo
• KL
• MidValley SouthKey

4. Online channels
• Shopee Mall
• LazMall
• TikTok


We started the Brand Incubator model on 1st Oct 2019, just before Covid-19. Not only did we survive Covid-19, but we have grown from strength to strength. We are forecasting to close in 2023 with a bang. Estimate to come close 2023, with more than double the revenue of 2022.

In the year 2023, we are already profitable from June onwards. With the current traction that we are now, we forecast a sales performance of RM11m for next year (FYE2024). 

This forecasted growth is based on the increased number of artists, SKUs, and more live-stream sessions.


Nori Malaysia focuses on both direct-to-consumer (DTC) and retail customers. We are an Omni Channel presence company. Our customers can buy from us from any channels that they are comfortable with. We ensure that our products are available to our customers where they are.

In addition to that, we have a very high repeat purchase rate for our online store. Our repeat purchase rate ranges from 13 – 17% every month.

Business Model

Nori Malaysia works closely with partnered celebrities to chart the best course to bring their ideas to life. Right from the inception of the idea, Nori Malaysia’s holistic services include:

  1. Design
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Supply chain management
  4. Inbound and outbound chats
  5. Customer service
  6. Logistics fulfillment
  7. Financial management

for our partnered celebrities. 

By working with Nori Malaysia, partnered artists enjoy in a share of the revenue from the sale of the curated products once they hit the shelves of our strategic retail partners nationwide, both online and offline.


The Era of Celebrity Brands

The past decade has seen a proliferation of exciting beauty brands. From Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, now worth US$ 2.8 billion, to the Kardashian family empire, a growing trend in the cosmetic industry has slowly emerged throughout the years, reaching a critical mass in recent years following the mushrooming of an unprecedented number of celebrity brands, most notably in the cosmetic and personal care industry. While big retail brands such as L’Oréal and Unilever still hold an overwhelming presence in the industry, there has been a shift by global consumers to follow individuals rather than brands. 

Individuals have always preferred to align their purchases with individuals rather than brands, and brands acknowledge this consumer behavior by using celebrity endorsements to drive sales and penetrate new markets. However, social media has disrupted this status quo by removing the velvet barrier that stands in the way of fans and their favorite celebrities. Today, beloved interactions with celebrities are only a click away. In fact, Kylie Cosmetics by none other than Kylie Jenner, is the most followed beauty brand on Instagram, with over 25 million followers!

Yet, not every celebrity has the marketing know-how and resources of the Kardashian empire. The question then was: How can I as a person of influence bring my idea to empower and add value to the lives of my fans?

Enter the boom of brand incubators.

With a team of industry professionals who aid in product development, manufacturing, funding, and most importantly, distribution and fulfillment, every idea is carefully brought to life. One such example is the success of Bespoke Beauty Brands (BBB) by Nyx Founder, Toni Ko. As an established player in the beauty, cosmetics, and personal care industry, BBB has successfully established partnerships between celebrity brands with big retail names, most notably James Wu Beauty and Kimchi Chic. 


Global Market Growth and Potential
The beauty industry generates over US$100 billion in revenue worldwide [1].
The beauty industry took a hit during the pandemic, decreasing by 8% in 2020. But things are looking up as 2021 marked the best year ever for cosmetics. 
Overall beauty industry revenue is expected to surpass US$120 billion by 2025 and a further US$ 128 billion by 2028 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.1%.

The men's personal care market is projected to hit $276.9 billion by 2030 [2].
In 2022, the message is clear: men are starting to take care of their appearance too. The men’s personal care market is expected to see significant growth throughout the 2020s. 
According to Allied Market Research, this segment of the industry projects an 8.6% CAGR between now and 2030.

Health and beauty eCommerce sales are projected to grow by 77% between 2021 and 2026 [3].
As consumers explore more options for previewing products online, eCommerce sales are expected to climb in the coming years. By 2026, eCommerce beauty sales are projected to reach $358.4 billion

Home-grown Malaysian Celebrity Brands and Market Opportunity
Malaysian Beauty and Personal Care market revenue amounts to US$3.15bn in 2023, expected to grow annually by 2.59% (CAGR 2023-2028) [4].

The Beauty and personal care market is thriving and one of the fastest-growing consumer markets, driven in particular by the Cosmetics and Skin Care segments. The main reason for this strong growth is the generational shift with young consumers entering the market. At the same time, this change is reinforced by social media, internationality, and eCommerce, which have a lasting effect on buying behavior when it comes to beauty products. Trends from all over the world are spreading and changing the daily beauty and care routine.

Local brands are constantly looking for celebrity endorsements to capitalize on the massive success and trends of international celebrity brands. This led to the establishment of various platforms that facilitate collaborations between brands and celebrities. But the issue persists; celebrities ultimately do not have their own brand, nor do they have the expertise and experience to start their brand or market it effectively. In the end, the well-intentioned desire to use one’s influence for good is sacrificed due to ineffective market positioning or less-than-desirable product quality.

Celebrities Engagement

Many celebrities have had great experiences with Nori Malaysia, which emboldened other artists in their circle to place their trust in us, expanding our network with other artists by word of mouth. Celebrities have also recommended Nori Malaysia to collaborate with their existing partnerships e.g. Lisa Surihani with C Michael London. To date, Nori Malaysia has a roster of 14 local A-List celebrities signed, with access to over 100 artists and influencers following our partnership with Astro and independent artists.

“Lebih penting bagaimana kepercayaan yang diberikan Nori turut membuatkan saya lebih bersemangat memandangkan kita tahu kebanyakkan rakan artis yang menjalinkan kerjasama dengan Nori lebih kepada produk wangian.“ 
– Lisa Surihani 

“Memang best dapat produk brand saya. I am very proud of the quality of the products produced by Nori. My customers love them” 
– Eyra Hazali

“Apa yang membuatkan saya yakin untuk bersama-sama membangunkan produk ini bersama Nori melalui kesungguhan serta komitmen yang diberikan.” 
– Aaron Aziz

“Terima kasih kepada pihak Nori atas kerjasama baik diberikan sekaligus membuka ruang dan peluang yang lebih besar buat produk saya ini.” 
– Rita Rudaini

Our mission is not done with merely becoming the most effective brand incubator in Malaysia, but looking outward towards international waters. 

Nori Malaysia aims to expand into Indonesia in 20234, Vietnam, and Cambodia in the years beyond. By leveraging existing partnerships to expand into the broader Southeast Asia market, we are confident that Nori Malaysia’s highly replicable business model and industry goodwill placed by celebrities and long-time distributors and manufacturers alike will continue to push our endeavors to even greater heights!



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[4] Statista Research Department (2023), “Beauty & Personal Care - Malaysia”. Retrieved on 1st September 2023, link:


Presently, there is a vacuum in the beauty and personal care market for the services provided by Nori Malaysia

The few existing brand incubators in Malaysia lack access to artists and corporate partnerships, supply chain networks, and industry specialization to achieve the scale at which Nori Malaysia operates. 

Coupled with the competitive margins on each product sold and an increasing number of offline distribution channels, competitors will need to close a large gap before they catch up to Nori Malaysia.   




Johnson Khoo, Co-Founder & MD 

A National University of Singapore (NUS) alumnus with a science degree in double Physics, Johnson has had an illustrious career in corporate spanning 25 years. In that time Johnson worked with Oracle in Malaysia and eventually became their Sales Director. He was appointed as country manager of network powerhouse CISCO in 2003. He then joined Hitachi Data Systems as the MD for Malaysia in 2006. With the drive to start something on his own, Johnson left HDS 11 years ago to establish his own business, acquiring a reseller license from Apple which led to a few Apple outlets in high-traffic locations such as Subang Parade, Sunway Pyramid, Alamanda, GE Mall and various iStudy outlets.

Johnson founded Nori Malaysia 7 years ago in his endeavor to break into the beauty and personal care industry. Pushing past the highs and lows of less-than-favorable economic conditions, his breakthrough idea came in 2019 when he collaborated with some artists to start a brand for the artist. Inspired by the success of international success stories like Fenty Beauty and Kylie Cosmetic while invigorated by the challenge of building influential brands from the ground up, Johnson has crystallized in totality the professional experiences of his past, concentrating it into a singular point to achieve the exciting success of Nori Malaysia today. 


Ms Tay Lay Phing
• Chief Operation Officer 

Ms Nurulashikin Japar
• Marketing Manager

Ms Husna Ghazali
• Admin and Logistic Manager

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The subscribers shall be entitled to the non-cumulative dividends of 30% from the Profit After Tax of the Company in a particular year.

However, the distribution of dividends may vary and is contingent upon the Board of Directors' declaration of dividends for the relevant fiscal year.


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  • Equity - OS
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  • RM 9,000,000
  • RM 301,500
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  • Nori Malaysia Sdn Bhd
  • 39-1, Jala Anggerik Aranda BG 31/BG, Kota Kemuning
  • 954393-H
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