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This campaign was successfully funded on 2 Nov 2023.

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Business Info

We proudly introduce ourselves as the pioneering and largest "Rent-a-Local Friend" social networking app in Malaysia, seamlessly merging social interactions with rich cultural experiences.

We match users as friends through healthy activities, expanding their social circles and engaging in shared interests. At the same time, they have the opportunity to earn income and build a career, much like the emergence of Airbnb or Grab.

For years, Mumu traveled across countries in Asia like Japan and Taiwan for work. However, he found that his experiences with tourist attractions were often disappointing. What truly stayed with him were the wonderful moments he shared with local people. Through these connections, he learned about their culture, language, food, stories, and the hidden gems only locals knew about. Mumu wanted to bring these special memories to life and share them with everyone. So, he came up with an idea for a social networking app called Ribbon.

Ribbon aimed to connect travelers from around the world with locals in a safe and meaningful way. Mumu believed that everyone's time and value were valuable, so the app required a small payment. Today, Ribbon has grown into a vibrant community with over 43,000 users and 2,600 hosts worldwide. It continues to allow people to hang out and experience the world alongside locals, creating lasting connections that celebrate the beauty of cultural exchange.

In addition to connecting users with friendly companions, we provide an exclusive VIP experience through our seasonal events. For instance, we are currently hosting a special event where users have the incredible opportunity to rent out the services of esteemed badminton player, CHAN PENG SOON, renowned worldwide for his exceptional skills.

Ribbon Ribbon

Momoda Marketing Sdn Bhd

35, First Floor, Jalan SS2/55.

Reg No: 202001036303


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