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  • S1 Asiapac Sdn. Bhd.
  • Lot 17C, 2nd Floor, 1-2, Lorong Lintas Plaza 4, Lintas Plaza, Jalan Lintas
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  • Unique Positioning - We are pioneering the future of Hospitality and Property Management with a front-to-end digital transformation of the industries.
  • Global Expansion & Sustainability - Our vision extends beyond ASEAN. We are currently operating in Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia as our home market.


S1 AsiaPac is a leading regional technology company based in Malaysia with offices in Vietnam and Singapore, specializing in the property vertical. 

The Company focuses on providing comprehensive solutions encompassing property development, construction, tenancy, leasing, and mall management, with a product emphasis on its flagship cloud solution S1 Hospitality Suite (“S1HS”) targeted for boutique, budget and star rated hotels. Leveraging the power of Internet of Things (IoT) tools, S1 AsiaPac is at the forefront of driving digitalization objectives for its customers, enabling sustainable business growth over the years.

With a customer base exceeding 40 clients across the Southeast Asia (SEA) region, S1 AsiaPac is committed to fostering sustainable relationships and continuously enhancing their offerings. The Company has a dedicated team that is well-versed in project management and industry knowledge, which enables successful delivery of tailored IoT-enabled solutions to their clients.

Looking ahead, S1 AsiaPac has ambitious plans to expand globally, starting with a strategic focus on ASEAN countries. By utilizing its technological expertise and in-depth understanding of the property sector, S1 AsiaPac aspire to bring their innovative solutions to a broader international audience, shaping the future of property management and development on a global scale. 

Through this expansion, and the recently approved Malaysia Digital (MD) status, S1 AsiaPac aims to solidify its position as a key player in the industry while contributing to the digital transformation and sustainable growth of businesses in the property sector. 


The Malaysian hotel industry is a vital component of the country's tourism sector, contributing significantly to its economic growth. As of the latest available statistics, Malaysia boasts over 3,000 registered hotels, catering to a diverse range of travelers, from budget-conscious to luxury-seeking visitors, influencing the industry's overall dynamics and competition.

The influx of tourists, a key metric for the industry, plays a significant role in determining occupancy rates, revenue, and overall growth. Tourist arrivals influence demand, impacting hotel performance and revenue generation.

Challenges and Pain Points Post-Pandemic:

The pandemic led to a sharp decline in tourism, resulting in reduced bookings, occupancy rates, and revenue as travel restrictions and safety concerns kept tourists away. 

Hotels experienced substantial financial strain due to revenue losses, making it challenging to cover operational costs, loan repayments, and employee salaries.

Adhering to stringent health protocols increased operational costs and reduced guest capacity, affecting revenue streams while prioritizing guest safety. 

Travel fears and uncertainty about health risks reduced consumer confidence and deterred travel, impacting bookings and revenue streams. 

Changing consumer preferences and the rise of remote work led to a shift in travel patterns, with preferences for long-term stays and a demand for enhanced facilities, impacting traditional hotel business models

The slow recovery of the tourism sector due to international travel restrictions posed a challenge in reviving the inflow of international tourists, affecting the hotel industry's revenue streams significantly.

Intensified competition within the industry led to price wars, affecting profit margins and overall business sustainability.


Leveraging digitalization and technology can significantly alleviate the challenges faced by the Malaysian hotel industry. By embracing innovative solutions, hotels can enhance safety, streamline operations, improve guest experiences, and drive revenue, ultimately ensuring a robust and sustainable recovery post-pandemic.


S1HS is reimagining a hotel management system that revolutionizes the way boutique, budget, and star-rated hotels operate, elevating guest experiences to a whole new level. 

The innovative, intelligent, and intuitive Smart Hotel Property Management System (PMS) is designed to redefine the hospitality landscape. Infused with cutting-edge AI and business intelligence, S1HS has set a new industry standard by seamlessly integrating advanced technology into hotel operations, effectively minimizing manual tasks and enhancing internal control.

At its core, S1HS aims to empower hotels of all sizes, including chains, independent establishments, and local gems, to effortlessly provide guests with a 5-star experience without the need for substantial investments in technology infrastructure. The magic lies in the perfect balance of sophisticated features and a user-friendly interface, making it an accessible and cost-effective solution for hotels looking to stand out in today's competitive market while ensuring sustainability for the future.

S1HS is more than just a PMS; it's a game-changer that empowers hotels to deliver exceptional guest experiences effortlessly. With S1HS, hotels can focus on what truly matters—creating memorable stays for guests, surpassing industry standards, and thriving in the hospitality arena. 


1.   AI-Powered Efficiency

S1HS utilizes AI and business intelligence to automate manual tasks, streamline operations, and enhance internal controls, ensuring a smooth and efficient hotel management experience.



2.  Comprehensive Functionality

Offering the functions and features of all major PMS in the market, S1HS distinguishes itself with a range of additional features like CRM, content management system, guest app, rate optimization, laundry management, and more—all vital components for managing costs, exceeding guest expectations, and fostering business growth.

3.  Innovative Digitalization

S1HS takes digitalization objectives to the next level by incorporating the latest technologies such as QR codes, biometrics, and IoT, effectively integrating them into industry practices and standard process flows to enhance overall efficiency and guest services.


4.  User-Friendly Interface

The system boasts a simple, intuitive, and user-friendly interface that makes onboarding, training, and re-training a breeze, particularly crucial in an industry known for high staff turnover rates.


5.  Cloud Hosting for Accessibility

S1HS is hosted on the cloud, providing accessibility from anywhere, anytime, with seamless updates and maintenance, eliminating the need for heavy investment in on-premise infrastructure.


6.  Holistic Guest App for Enhanced Experience

S1HS provides a holistic guest app that guides guests throughout their entire journey, from pre-stay to post-stay. Guests have the power at their fingertips to extend their stay, request late checkout, access a digital room service menu, explore guest services, make room bookings, and seamlessly complete the check-in process, ensuring a personalized and convenient stay experience.

7.  Real-time Insights and Analytics Dashboard

S1HS offers a powerful dashboard equipped with real-time insights and analytics. This feature allows hotels to gather crucial data, analyze trends, and derive actionable insights promptly. Armed with this information, hotels can make informed, quick, and accurate decisions, enabling them to stay ahead of the competition and continuously elevate their services to meet guest expectations.



S1 AsiaPac has been dedicatedly serving a line of exclusive clientele in the hospitality and property management industries, which includes the following:


As the ASEAN region bounces back from the impact of the pandemic, a significant surge in new hotel establishments and room supply is anticipated, bolstering the tourism and hospitality sector. While specific post-2023 statistics may not be available due to the dynamic nature of the industry, general trends indicate a notable growth trajectory. S1HS strategically targets budget, boutique, and star-rated hotels/resorts in ASEAN, aligning with diverse traveller preferences. The huge potential stems from a burgeoning tourism landscape and the evolving expectations of tech-savvy travellers. Many establishments within these segments have yet to harness the benefits of advanced PMS like S1HS, presenting a significant untapped market. S1HS offers a tech-driven, comprehensive solution, perfectly positioned to fulfil the pressing need for streamlined operations, elevated guest experiences, and sustainable growth in this burgeoning and receptive market.

New Hotels - The post-pandemic recovery is fueling a surge in new hotels across ASEAN, spanning boutique, budget, and local star-rated segments. With 2026 designated as Visit Malaysia Year, a flurry of industry activity is expected, including new hotel projects and potential re-openings. This surge is anticipated to substantially increase room supply, aligning with the resurgent demand from the thriving tourism industry. It presents a ripe opportunity for industry expansion, meeting the diverse needs of travellers and elevating guest experiences. The ASEAN hospitality sector is on the cusp of a promising era of growth and enhanced service delivery.

Untapped Markets and Growth Potential - ASEAN stands as the fastest-growing travel destination globally, with a distinct focus on Halal travels where Malaysia shares the world No. 1 spot with Indonesia. The allure of Malaysia, recognized as a top destination for solo and solo female travellers due to its safety, coupled with its surging tourism industry, presents an incredible opportunity. In Malaysia alone, we're eyeing approximately 1,200 boutique hotels, over 2,500 budget hotels, and about 1,200 local star-rated hotels as of 2023. Vietnam mirrors this growth, boasting thousands of boutique and budget hotels, alongside a burgeoning local star-rated hotel market.

Tourism Recovery and Envisioned Growth Post-2023 - The post-2023 era is set to witness an unprecedented surge in new hotel projects and room supply across the ASEAN region. The recent border reopening is set to unleash a wave of travellers from China, poised to reinvigorate economies and drive global tourism. Malaysia, a beacon in the ASEAN tourism landscape, is enticing visitors from Australia, China, Singapore, India, and Thailand, adding to its appeal as one of the region's top destinations.

The ASEAN region is set to experience a growth rate of 4.7% in 2023 and 4.8% in 2024, signalling a positive trajectory for the hospitality industry. The rebound of the tourism industry post-pandemic is expected to drive a surge in new hotel establishments and room supply across ASEAN countries, underscoring the immense potential for growth and development.

Bouyant Travel Industry - The travel industry is bouncing back robustly, with a focus on leisure-travel segments and resumption of business conventions. Hotel occupancy rates are climbing, driven by domestic and intra-regional travel. The sector, which contributed a staggering 11.7% to Southeast Asia's GDP and provided 13.2% of total employment pre-pandemic, is ready for a renaissance.

Business Model

The Business Model of S1 AsiaPac is traditionally based on the recurring annual Software Service Agreement (SSA) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) plus occasional operational sales to existing customers with efforts being spent on marketing Sage ERP Solutions to the mid size customers. 

Revenue generation primarily stems from subscription fees paid by hotels on a regular basis, depending on the chosen plan and scale of operations. The SaaS model encourages a long-term relationship with customers, promoting loyalty and consistent revenue streams.

Additionally, revenue is generated from project-based services including implementation, customization, and integrations tailored to the unique needs of individual hotels. These services ensure seamless integration of the S1HS system into the hotel's existing infrastructure and operations, maximizing the value and efficiency derived from the platform. 

S1 AsiaPac has also been approved by the Malaysian Productivity Corporation (MPC) as a Technical Centre to train SMEs in IoT Re-skill and Step-Up Productivity in Agriculture, Logistics and Hospitality. S1 AsiaPac is now a qualified Human Resource Development (HRDF) trainer and is also organizing biennial events named Asian Summit, which forum on topics relating to Industrial Digital Transformation and Technology. 

With the evolution of S1HS, S1 AsiaPac will be offering a cloud-hosted solution utilizing a SaaS business model, ensuring a seamless and accessible experience for hotels. As a SaaS, S1HS operates on a subscription-based model, where hotels pay a recurring fee for utilizing the system. This subscription model provides advantages such as easy scalability, automatic updates, and reduced upfront infrastructure costs since the software is hosted and maintained centrally on the cloud. 


The number of hotels for the whole of Malaysia is about 5,000 properties, both registered and not registered with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTAC). Hence our market should be about 70% of the whole market that includes mid-range and economy hotels.

The chart is only for Kuala Lumpur but it represents the country's trend of growing hotel segmentation of mid-scale and economy hotels.



The fund raised from this ECF campaign will be utilized for:


S1 AsiaPac envisions a future where technology revolutionizes the property and hospitality landscape across the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. We aspire to be at the forefront of this transformation, driving innovation and digitalization to empower property developers, construction firms, tenancy and leasing providers, mall managers, and hoteliers.

Our vision encompasses seamlessly interconnected smart cities and properties, where IoT-enabled solutions optimize operations, elevate guest experiences, and enhance sustainability. We strive to create a holistic ecosystem, encompassing cutting-edge technologies, exceptional customer service, and sustainability initiatives that leave a positive mark on the environment and communities.

At S1 AsiaPac, we see a future where our intelligent platforms, like S1HS for hotels, serve as the cornerstone for modern businesses, enabling them to exceed industry standards, streamline operations, and deliver unmatched value to their customers. We envision a world where our expertise and commitment foster inclusive growth, driving economic development and setting the gold standard for the industry.

Through innovation, collaboration, and a deep-rooted dedication to excellence, S1 AsiaPac aims to shape a future where the property industry thrives in harmony with technology, fostering sustainability, prosperity, and a superior quality of life for all.


Lydia Beh is a passionate hands-on entrepreneur having founded and built several successful IT businesses across the region. Having lived and worked across Australia, Papua New Guinea, West & East Malaysia and Vietnam, she enjoys bridging cross cultures and geographies to create opportunities & shared successes.

Her career experiences have spanned across multi-industries and sectors, ranging from Education, Banking, IT, Agriculture, Property & Real Estate, Construction, Manufacturing, Distribution and Hospitality. Prior to her entrepreneurial journey, she had worked with a number of Leading Listed Entities, including a Top Asean Bank & Mesiniaga, a National IT Icon in Malaysia.

Being Founder of Multi Companies, and having Grown Regional Markets in the last 30 years, she has good credentials to empathize and assist Business Owners achieve sustainable growth, complemented by experiences of delivering more than 100 Transformative IT projects in Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam.

As a technology collaborator for Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC), Lydia is now passionately helping SMEs benefit from government programs/funding for business transformation to leverage Global Technology & Solution Partners.

She thrives on finding unique value propositions/solutions to formidable challenges tailored to her clients’ strategies, strengths and opportunities, optimized for government initiatives and IR4.0. One of her hallmarks is developing and nurturing long term business relationship with partners for synergistic collaboration across multi geographies and ecosystems to bring value and economy to all stakeholders.

As a Team Builder, she has inspired and developed multi country talent to collaboratively deliver highly valued services to her regional clients, in line with her mission to optimize human capital & technology. She is more than happy to jointly work and strategize with you for the Tech Driven New Normal and share her experiences in negotiating mutually rewarding deals, building strong Networks & Partnerships, orchestrating Joint Ventures and Collaborative Strategies.

In early 2023, Lydia has been recognised as one of the Successful People in Malaysia by Britishpedia, a biographical encyclopaedia that highlights Malaysians who have contributed to nation-building and society in general. The encyclopaedias are distributed to all state libraries in Malaysia.



Michael Chen Heng Kong, CFO. An accountant by profession with more than 40 years of experience in corporate management and business development. 



Lee Yu Yoong, CTO. Lee's extensive 30+ years of experience in the hospitality industry played a pivotal role in his consultancy capacity for the development of S1HS. Drawing from his vast exposure to both local and international contexts, Lee contributed valuable insights to differentiate S1HS in the market and ensure its long-term sustainability. 

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  • Equity - RCPS
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  • S1 Asiapac Sdn. Bhd.
  • Lot 17C, 2nd Floor, 1-2, Lorong Lintas Plaza 4, Lintas Plaza, Jalan Lintas
  • 1259928K
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