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Synergy57 is building a flagship Caltex Petrol Station in Malaysia with Commercial buildings in Cyberjaya. The flagship development will have dual fronting roads, serving the busy and growing traffic of the Putrajaya – Cyberjaya – Sepang Expressway and the main protocol road in Cyberjaya – Persiaran APEC. 

The total population of Cyberjaya is over 145,000 people* and this flagship petrol station is estimated to serve an estimated traffic of more than 47,000 automobiles per day**. This will generate a potential of monthly sales volume of up to 1.8 million – 2.0 million liters which will put this petrol station in the top category of sales among all of the Caltex Stations in Malaysia.

The iconic commercial building will house established and well-known F&B franchises as well as enterprise offices in a co-working setup. Synergy57 will also offer 10-bay EV charging stations from their ample parking bays to cater to the future and expanding electric car charging demand.


1. Customer demands from Petrol Stations

Petrol stations have evolved from utilitarian skid-tank roadside rest-stops to sleek, well-lit convenient stations offering customers various products. Customers are demanding more services and community-centric conveniences and F&B from petrol stations. However, having such facilities forces the dealer to have extra space and cost to cater for the F&B franchises to set up their outlet.


2. Increasing population and vehicle ownership

In 2021, Statistics from JPJ Malaysia showed that:
• Number of registered vehicles = 33 million
• Malaysia population = 32.6 million.

Malaysia is very much a car ownership country with the number of vehicles exceeding the total population. The demand for petrol and fuel will increase with the increase in car ownership.

According to the Department of Statistics, Sepang and Putrajaya population is expected to increase to over 907,000 people by 2040 from 420,000 in 2020. This region represents the highest population growth in Selangor and the greater Klang Valley. According to Cyberview’s Info Memo for Cyberjaya 2022, Cyberjaya’s total day-time population as of 2022 is over 145,000 and is expected to reach 350,000 by 2040.

This represents an opportunity and demand for the flagship petrol station as the rapidly increasing population in the area will bring an increase in vehicle ownership.


3. Challenges for Petrol Stations to be consistent and profitable

Being a consistent and profitable petrol station is not easy.

Low to mid-sales petrol station dealers are struggling to make a profit. There are 3,986 petrol stations in Malaysia as of June 2022. The Petrol Dealers Association of Malaysia (PDAM) record shows that 67% of petrol stations are in the mid-sales category (less than 400k litres per month) making RM5K – RM10K in profit monthly and 20% of petrol stations are in the low-sales category (less than 200k litres per month) making merely RM1.5k in profit monthly.

To be successful, petrol station needs to make an average of more than 600k litres per month to be in the high sales category. Dealers also need to take into consideration various factors that affect the profitability of a petrol station, such as:

1. Brand image
2. Site location
3. Accessibility 4. Size of petrol station
5. Service quality
6. Amenities available


Malaysia’s Flagship Caltex Petrol Station with Commercial Building in Cyberjaya

Now, there is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for investors who want to get involved in a profitable petrol station business. 

Synergy57 is a start-up company with a dream team of very experienced and dedicated individuals. Synergy57 have  secured the approvals and agreements from Chevron, Cyberview and RHB Bank to build a flagship Caltex petrol station with a commercial building next to it. 

The CEO and founder of Synergy57 who is previously Chevron Malaysia’s business manager, Mr Azuree Jaafar with extensive experience managing more than 400 Caltex branches, is the promoter of this business venture. In addition, he has vast experience in the construction field as a co-founder of another construction company, whereby he expanded the company’s capability from G5 gradually moving into and winning jobs in the G7 categories.

Azuree and his team have identified and received the approvals and have signed the definitive agreements with Chevron and Cyberview, the master developer and landowners of Cyberjaya, for a prime 1.82-acre of land area for this ambitious mix development project. 

Synergy57 has signed a sales and purchase agreement for the 1.82-acre prime land (valued at RM11.4 million). The proposed area is considered the gateway of Cyberjaya, and is connected via dual road frontage to: 

• FR B29 Expressway also known as the Putrajaya – Cyberjaya – Sepang Expressway (attracting more than 47,000 traffic flow daily according to feasibility studies done by Chevron and Cyberview’s property consultant)
• Persiaran APEC that connects to the inner Cyberjaya communities with direct access to more than 33,000 residential houses and with a total daytime population of over 145,000. (data from Cyberview’s Info Memo for Cyberjaya 2022).
• This petrol station is expected to be in the high-sales category (more than 1 million litres of petrol per month) according to feasibility studies done by Chevron and Cyberview’s property consultant.

Cyberview strongly supports this project as Cyberjaya has only four medium-sized petrol stations. Establishing the first flagship Caltex station with Commercial buildings will stimulate the economic growth of Cyberjaya and bring more vehicle flow into the Global Technology Hub. The picture below shows the current petrol station in Cyberjaya.

Fig. 1 only 4 petrol stations serving 145,000 population in Cyberjaya


1. First Flagship Caltex Petrol Station with Commercial Building and Amenities in Cyberjaya

Synergy57 will construct the first flagship Caltex petrol station in Cyberjaya with amenities such as clean toilets, a vibrant convenient store with more merchandise and conducive prayer rooms. In addition, a double-storey commercial building will be constructed next to the petrol station. The setup will enable the flagship station to effectively serve as a refuelling and re-energizing area for long-distance travellers (who travel through the north-south highway) and as a place for city dwellers and communities around Cyberjaya to meet and interact.

Fig. 2 Birdseye view of the proposed site

2. Strategically Located in the key gateway link of Cyberjaya. 3x Higher Petrol Sales Volume Compared to Malaysia's Top 10% petrol stations.

The flagship Caltex station is strategically located at the gateway of Cyberjaya (along the Putrajaya – Cyberjaya – Sepang Expressway) and connected to the residential and commercial centre of Cyberjaya (through Persiaran APEC). 
According to the consultant’s feasibility studies, the flagship petrol station is estimated to have a potential monthly sales volume of up to 1.8 million – 2.0 million litres
Statistically, roughly only 10% of Malaysian petrol stations are in the high-sales category (more than 600,000 L/month). These stations can generate gross revenue of roughly RM 90,000 based on the petrol and diesel commissions set by the government. 
Conservatively, the flagship station built by Synergy57 can generate 3x more income compared to the top 10% of petrol stations. A total of 18 pump stations that deliver RON95, RON97 and diesel will cater to the huge fuel demand.

Fig 3. Artist impressions of the Flagship Petrol Station

3. Attracted big-name Franchises to set up branches at the iconic commercial building

A mall-like, double-storey commercial building will be constructed next to the petrol station: 
Ground floor: Spacious parking lot with 10 EV bays charging stations to cater to the demand for future, ever-expanding electric car charging. 
Second floor: To be occupied by big-name franchise eateries such as Family Mart, Coffee Bean, Watson, Subway, Texas Chicken, Hameediyah (Penang) restaurant and a co-working office setup. Synergy57 have received definitive interest from these companies and will be signing agreements as the construction works progress.

This evolutionary development project for petrol stations will set a new standard for the oil and gas downstream distribution industry. Upon completion, the flagship station will offer a vibrant, convenient, conducive and comprehensive area for travellers to refuel their vehicles and re-energize themselves and a place for the local communities to gather and interact.

Grd Fl: 10 EV charging bays

4. Hybrid of petrol and EV charging station

Synergy57 will not only profit from the high traffic flow and demand from petrol and diesel, but the flagship station will also provide ten (10) units of EV charging stations that include high-rated DC-powered charging stations on the ground floor of the commercial buildings. Once completed, this will be the largest EV charging station in Cyberjaya and south of Kuala Lumpur.

5. Upcoming developments in Cyberjaya's surrounding vicinity promise to bring in more customers
Besides its existing strategic location, Synergy57 will benefit from the upcoming development surrounding it. As part of the Creative Digital cluster under the new masterplan of Cyberjaya, Cyberview as the master developer is planning for more integrated commercial developments surrounding the petrol station. 
Some of these developments include:

1. Development of an integrated commercial and residential project on the land adjacent to the petrol station focusing on the development of the Digital Creative cluster which includes the development of experiential and digital-themed attractions.
2. Cyberview recently signed an MoU with Les Copaque Productions to set up an Upin & Ipin theme park on a plot of land very near the petrol station (around 1 km).
3. Development of a Smart Healthcare cluster that will include private hospitals, hotels and residential components on land less than 4 km from the petrol station.
4. Big tech companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Aerodyne and other companies building and having their offices and data centres in the near vicinity and growing their employees in Cyberjaya.


1. Strong Partnership with Chevron

Mr. Azuree, a former business manager of Chevron and co-founder of a construction company, is the promoter for the construction of the flagship Caltex petrol service station in Cyberjaya. His experience building and managing over 400 Caltex petrol stations during his time with Chevron and his expertise in the construction industry made him the perfect fit for this project. After verifying its huge potential sales volume, Chevron supported the project and offered a higher margin and an above-market subsidy for the station. This is one of the key strong value propositions to the business in ensuring above-average profitability for Synergy57. The volume is estimated to be the second largest in Malaysia for Caltex, and Chevron is eager to see it materialized.

Caltex, being Chevron’s brand for petrol stations is ranked 4th in the number of petrol stations in Malaysia. However, they can provide additional value to Synergy57 compared to other Petrol Operators.

1. Chevron offers a higher margin, so the station will be more profitable 
2. Caltex is well-known for providing the best service quality.
3. Caltex stations are mostly located along major highways and match this development profile.
4. Chevron has a comprehensive suite of training courses available to all Caltex retailers.
5. Chevron has a well-established online platform - Chevron Business Point, which eases the primary day-to-day transaction interface, allowing the owner to conduct business on the go.
6. Chevron has the highest rated quality of product with Techron accounted via proven lab tested cleaning stimulant compared to other products in the market.

2. Support from Cyberview, the Master Developer of Cyberjaya

Synergy57 has signed a sale and purchase agreement with Cyberview for the said plot (Plot P57) for RM11.4 million. Cyberview via its new masterplan development has earmarked the land for a petrol station and is fully supportive of Synergy57’s plan to build a flagship petrol station with an attached commercial building. This project is in line with the guidelines set by the local council Majlis Perbandaran Sepang. This development will further spur the development of Cyberjaya specifically the Digital Creative cluster that the land is situated in.

Fig. 4 Plot P57 land from Cyberview

3. Validation and Recognition from Banking Institutions

The Synergy57 team has secured a business loan of RM19.5 million from RHB bank which constitutes 80% of the value to construct the petrol station and commercial building including land acquisition. The project is estimated to earn RM400,000 – 650,000/month upon completion. The Gross Development Cost is estimated to be RM24 million, and the team needs to raise the remaining 20% of the development cost (RM4 – RM5 million). After completion, Maybank and SME Bank have estimated the project’s Gross Development Value to be RM40 – 45 million. Almost 2x increase in value.

4. Two Income Streams – Rental & Profit Sharing from the Commercial Building

Synergy57 has received definitive interest from several well-known franchises to rent commercial space in their building next to the petrol service station and will sign definitive agreements as the construction work progresses. These franchises will invest in setting up their stores, and most have agreed to profit-sharing with Synergy57, providing two income streams. The commercial building’s location next to the flagship station is expected to generate high traffic flow, which is seen as a huge potential for increased profits. The building is expected to serve and benefit around 50,000 households in Cyberjaya by providing a wide variety of choices for their daily necessities.

Furthermore, with above 10,000 EVs in Malaysia as of 2023 and expected to grow to 500,000 by 2030. Synergy57 has recognized the rising need for charging stations with high-rated DC power >182kw that integrate with apps, RFID, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. Synergy57 will partner with Gentari (Petronas new-energy) to provide up to 10 bays of charging stations catering to non-Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles. During the waiting time to charge, patronage can indulge in all the amenities or coffee breaks provided by the F&B franchises in the building, adding the revenue stream under the commercial building structure via profit sharing.

5. Enterprise Office Components for the Flagship Petrol Station

The commercial building in the flagship petrol station will also have a co-working space for renting out to smaller businesses that require small offices, working spaces and physical addresses in Cyberjaya. The demand for co-working spaces and small fully equipped offices in Cyberjaya is very high. Cyberview has multiple co-working spaces and small offices with the tenancy rate being almost full in and around Cyberjaya. Next to the petrol station is Tinkerscape@Rekascape, a co-working space by Cyberview. The tenancy rate for the co-working space is above 80% and there is a waiting list for the small equipped offices. Cyberview has recommended and supported Synergy57 to open a co-working space that provides a small equipped office in the flagship petrol station as the demand for small offices exceeds the supply in the area. 

6. Timeline: Construction Completion by June 2024, Operation Starts July 2024

Synergy57 is in the final stage of obtaining approval from the Municipality of Sepang to construct the flagship station, which is expected to take around four to six months. Construction of the station is expected to take another six months. Once completed, franchisees will take one to two months to set up their respective stores. The entire building will be operational by July 2024. The timeline for the mix development project is as follows:

Fig. 5 Timeline for project development

7. Key Projected Financial Metrics and Earnings

8. Projected Monthly Net Profit


Our targeted customers for the flagship petrol station are travellers and commuters who use the FRB29 Expressway (Putrajaya – Cyberjaya – Sepang Expressway) as well as Cyberjaya city visitors, residents and dwellers.

The flagship petrol station is expected to have a traffic volume of more than 47,000 vehicles daily from the Putrajaya – Cyberjaya – Sepang Expressway. The station is also near the North-South Expressway, making it an ideal rest stop for long-distance travellers. In addition, the station is also accessible via Persiaran APEC, which connects and provides direct access to most of the Cyberjaya housing area, estimated to be more than 33,000 houses with a total day-time population of over 145,000. This strategic location makes the commercial building and F&B outlets a new F&B destination for Cyberjaya.

Small Businesses and Companies in Cyberjaya

Synergy57 is offering a co-working space and fully equipped small offices for enterprises and small businesses looking for a small footprint for their operations. The flagship petrol station’s co-working space in Cyberjaya which is designated as a Cyber City under MDEC’s Malaysia Digital status will provide additional value for the businesses who are applying and are qualified for the status.

Business Model

Multiple Revenue Streams from Flagship Station and Commercial Building

Synergy57 plans to develop the first Caltex flagship station in Cyberjaya, offering a range of amenities and attracting well-known franchise brands. The development in Cyberjaya will serve as a rest stop for travelers and an F&B destination for local residents. Five revenue streams are available:

1. Profit from fuel sales
2. Profit from EV charging stations
3. Profit from sales of goods from the convenience store
4. Rent received from the franchises setting up their branch at the commercial building
5. Profit sharing among franchises and Synergy57
6. Co-working office space


More than 47,000 Traffic Volume Daily with more than 1,800,000 Litres of Fuel to be Sold Monthly 

The flagship station is located at a very strategic location with a traffic volume from the Putrajaya – Cyberjaya – Sepang Expressway of over 47,000 automobiles per day. This translates into potential estimated fuel volume sales of 1,800,000 – 2,000,000 litres per month (according to a feasibility study performed by Chevron and Cyberview’s property consultant). The flagship petrol station is also serving Cyberjaya directly via Persiaran APEC with direct access to more than 33,000 residential properties and a total city day-time population of over 145,000 (data from Cyberview’s Info Memo for Cyberjaya 2022).

The location is strategically located along the key gateway into Cyberjaya. The region (Putrajaya and Sepang) has the highest population growth rate in Selangor and the greater Klang Valley with an expected total population of over 907,000 by 2040 from 420,000 in 2020 (data from Malaysia’s Department of Statistics). This translates into further high growth potential for the flagship petrol station and the market that it serves.


4 Small to Medium-Sized Petrol Station in Cyberjaya, No Station along Expressway

Based on Cyberview’s property consultant report, there is no petrol station along the Putrajaya–Cyberjaya corridor of the Expressway, which means there are no competitors along that particular route. Furthermore, only four small to medium-sized petrol stations are located within Cyberjaya serving over 145,000 day-time population. This flagship station with a commercial building is strategically located along the key gateway entering and exiting Cyberjaya and will attract not only the travellers and commuters along the Putrajaya – Cyberjaya – Sepang Expressway, but also the dual fronting feature on Persiaran APEC will also cater to the direct residences and dwellers of Cyberjaya. The flagship petrol station with commercial buildings and well-known F&B brands is unique in the region and will also attract local communities as a place to meet and interact.


Synergy57 is looking to raise RM4 – RM5 Million (20% of total capital required) via the ECF

Synergy57 has already secured an RM19.5 million loan from RHB Bank. This represents 80% of the required capital for the construction and development of the project including land acquisition. The Gross Development Cost is estimated to be RM24 million, and the team needs to raise the remaining 20% of the development cost (RM4 – RM5 million).

The company is raising RM4 – RM5 million by issuing Redeemable Convertible Preference Shares (RCPS) via the ECF.


Synergy57 will be developing Malaysia’s first flagship Caltex station with commercial buildings and EV charging stations in a key commercial location to support the development of Cyberjaya.


Azuree Jaafar (Founder & CEO)

• A 46-year-old entrepreneur. 
• He started early education at STAR Ipoh before further studying at Ohio State University, USA.
• Double degree in Electrical and Industrial engineering. 
• Worked as wireline engineer (O&G) with Schlumberger, Texas, then project manager with Andrew Corp, in San Francisco and New York, USA
• Head of Purchasing with MV Agusta, Varesse, Italy. 
• Worked with Chevron (Malaysia) Ltd as business retail manager overseeing the operation, development of new petrol stations, finance and advertising. 
• 2011 started own oil & gas firm handling services for subsea equipment for clients like Petronas, Exxonmobil, Schlumberger, and Halliburton. 
• 2018 ventured into civil construction. Grew company from G5 to a G7 status company. 
• Currently, fully focus on Synergy57. 

Khir Badrul bin Mohamad (CFO)

• 60 years, graduated from MARA University of Technology (UiTM) majoring in Business Studies.
• An accomplished banker with 40 years of experience in the banking industry with specilization in Trade Finance and Cash Management.
• His last position was the Senior Vice President, Head Trade Finance Operation, Transaction Banking Division at RHB where he spearheaded the business growth of RHB Group Trade Business (RHB Bank, RHB Islamic and Overseas Branches) and development of Trade strategies
• Before RHB, he was attached with Maybank for 30 years. In managerial capacity for more than 15 years 
• Khir Badrul is a person with a clear set of wisdom and vision. He has managed to build his name in the trade finance industry and fraternity. Also known as a diciplinarian while having flair in entrepreneuship. 
• At Synergy57, Khir Badrul is responsible for managing the financial actions of the company focusing on cost management and financial performance 
• He strongly believes that the ability to adapt, change and develop new ideas are essential and vital for the growth and sustainability of an organization. 


Azlan Mutalib (Founder & COO)

• Experienced in the O&G sector. Previously with Sapura Kencana in project management and contracts.
• Guthrie plantation management and property development area in Human Resources.  
• 43 years old with a bachelor's degree in architecture background from UITM.
• Chevron certified in petrol station management and consultation.

Investment Terms



* According to Cyberview’s Cyberjaya Info Memo 2022.
** According to a feasibility study performed by Chevron and Cyberview’s property consultant.


  1. pitchIN and its officers and staff may also be investing in this campaign
  2. Under ECF Guidelines, valuation is determined and set by the Issuer. Investors are advised to carefully peruse all investment offers and documents before making investment decisions.
  • Equity - RPS
  • ~ up to 0.00%
  • RM 25,000,000
  • RM 3,000,000
  • RM 5,000,000
  • -
  • Synergy Fiftyseven Sdn Bhd
  • Plot P57, Bandar Cyberjaya
  • -
  • 202201037429
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Isn’t Petrol Station a dying business with EV cars rapidly coming into the industry?
Isn’t petrol station business a low margin business? How will the company ensure the profits are sustainable?
Isn’t Petrol Station a dying business with EV cars rapidly coming into the industry?

As of to date, there is no news about Malaysia planning to phase out petrol engines yet. But some efforts have been made to reduce our carbon footprint on our environment. As of to date, Malaysia strictly follows Euro 4 standards when it comes to fuel emissions. Our government has pledged to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050, and according to the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) Climate Promise, Malaysia agrees to reduce carbon intensity against our country’s GDP by 45% by 2030.

The government’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and moving towards sustainable transportation is commendable. The adoption of EVs would help the country reduce its carbon footprint. However, the infrastructure and support system required to make the transition to EVs successful is still lacking in Malaysia. It would take time before Malaysians can fully embrace an electrical future. 
In 2021, JPJ statistics show a total of around 33 million vehicles are registered in Malaysia. TNB estimated that by 2030, Malaysia will have only around 500,000 EV cars. Synergy57 believes that the demand for Petrol and Diesel will still be strong in the mid to long term in Malaysia.
To prepare for the growing demand for EV charging, Synergy57 will have 10 bays for EV charging stations. This will be the biggest EV charging station in Cyberjaya and south of KL.  

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