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BEYOND4 and pitchIN are proud to announce a new partnership aimed at empowering and accelerating early and mid-stage startups in Malaysia. BEYOND4, a Malaysia-based startup ecosystem, will now be supporting its startups to raise funds via equity crowdfunding on pitchIN. This partnership will provide investors with a unique opportunity to support and invest in innovative and exciting startups in the region.

The BEYOND4 Ecosystem

An end-to-end solutions ecosystem comprising of 5 accelerators (Education, Skills, Talent, Innovation & Startups) established with the purpose of identifying, nurturing and accelerating talent.

With Talent at the core of the BEYOND4 Ecosystem we aim to develop a pool of top tech talent, promote ground breaking innovation and accelerate sustainable startups.

With a philosophy of supporting and empowering startup founders, BEYOND4 provides a curated programme for startups to raise funds and scale exponentially with a 3-year roadmap including shared services to accelerate their growth.

These shared services are the cornerstone of the programme, providing startups with key services such as strategy consulting, financial expertise, human capital, mentoring, legal aid and ecosystem support.

Our use of the Orchestration Method to harmoniously bring together various stakeholders with each performing their respective roles is pivotal, creating a cumulative higher value as an ecosystem.

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