Trade shares of leading ECF funded companies

Malaysia's first ECF Secondary Market. Buy & sell shares in startups that have previously raised money on pitchIN

Understanding this page

What is a Secondary Market?
A Secondary Market is where shares of companies can be traded. In the case of the PSTX, Traders can trade the shares of a growing number of companies that have raised funds through Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) on pitchIN.
Are there fees for trading?
Yes, see our Learning Portal for more information.
How can I buy or sell shares on the PSTX?
To sell on PSTX, you need to be a current shareholder of any of the companies listed. You may list your share on PSTX by visiting the Share Information page and creating a Sell Order.

PSTX operates on a cash upfront basis. To buy you need to be logged in and ensure a sufficient balance in your PSTX account. You can create a Buy Order by visiting the Share Information page of the company.
Why aren't all companies listed for trade on the PSTX?
There are several reasons why there may be companies which are currently not available for trading on PSTX:

  • Can only be listed 6 months after an ECF campaign;
  • Undergoing current corporate exercises that involve shareholding changes;
  • Have plans to list later or are undecided about listing;
  • Concurrently engaging in other fundraising endeavours.

Visit the Learning Portal for more information.
Equity Crowdfunding is risky. You are investing in early stage companies which may not do well and could even fail. You could lose part or all of your investment. You may not be able to sell your shares easily. Learn more