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Trade shares of leading ECF companies

Access Malaysia’s most promising early stage businesses from our past Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) campaigns on the pitchIN Secondary Trading Market (PSTX).

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pitchIN Secondary Trading Market

Malaysia’s 1st Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) Secondary Market

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Trade start-ups’ shares

Great opportunity to back innovation and promising growth, driven by a generation of SMEs and start-ups across various sectors.

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Transparent & Secure

Invest with confidence with key financial information at your fingertips & our market surveillance mechanism running in the background.

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Liquidity for ECF

In this market, Investors engage in trading ECF shares with one another, affording them the flexibility to enter or exit investments.


Orders are matched at the best possible price & quantity.

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See how we auto-match your buy order.

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Seller →

See how we auto-match your sell order.

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Why trade on PSTX?

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Get ahead with opportunities you won’t find elsewhere

Unique access to high growth startups

An opportunity to discover fast-growing, rare or under-valued companies to invest in. Traditionally, these opportunities would be reserved for only a selected few.

Reclaim your missed opportunity

Missed the chance to own a piece of a company you love? Now you can seize the opportunity by taking up a piece of the company on the PSTX.

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Your shares, your timeline, your call

Unlock access to early exits

Skip the long term wait for an exit opportunity. Get early liquidity by selling to buyers at the price you want.

Reduce risk & diversify

Enjoy control over your investment risk with the freedom to realise gains & look for other deals.


Buy and sell the brands you know and love

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Our platform is designed to assist you in making optimal investment decisions

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Key Financial Information to help you make informed decisions

  • Annual & biannual financial reporting

    Access Issuers’ audited numbers and timely business updates.

  • Latest updates & material announcements

    Be in the loop whenever there are changes to the board of Directors/shareholding, updates on shifting financial obligations (i.e., loan default), potential acquisitions, etc.

  • History of trades

    View past and ongoing trades, price movement, etc.

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Monitor open orders to better strategise your entry/exit

  • Order matching progress

    Tracking of buy and sell orders in real-time, including match outcome (full/partial/no match).

  • Transparent order book

    Trade volume at bid and ask prices are visible, providing insight into the market sentiment for a particular Issuer.

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Invest on your terms

  • Manage your portfolio at your fingertips

    View your share ownership and optimise your portfolios by buying or selling specific assets without making major adjustments to your entire holdings.

  • Performance assessment

    Assess the performance of shares to stay updated on changes in value and market trends.

  • Flexibility to place Limit vs Market order


Here’s how we keep your trading journey secured

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Pre-screened ECF Issuers

Our Issuers are subjected to comprehensive due diligence, given that they were formerly hosted on our ECF platform.

Issuers may be listed only after 6 months from their latest campaign initiation, to ensure they have demonstrated a proven track record of successful fundraising and operational stability.

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Mandated regulatory reporting

As a Registered Market Operator licensed by the Securities Commission of Malaysia, we ask all Issuers to commit to submitting their biannual reports.

Find out more about what this entails →
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Market Surveillance Measures

We have established internal trade monitoring and surveillance mechanisms to ensure all activities hosted on PSTX are executed in a manner that’s secure, fair, and transparent.


Market Operating Hours

Trading days

Wednesday & Thursday*

Trading hours

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Order entry days

Tuesday 10:00 am - Thursday 5:00 pm

Order Book reset

Friday 10:00 pm

*barring any public holidays observed in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Read more about our operation hours here →

Fee Structure

Trades below
Trades of
RM50,000.00 & above

*or RM50.00, whichever is higher. Kindly note that in cases of partial matches, the fee that applies may differ from the amount quoted, as it depends on the final order size. See how we calculate it here →


Need some guidance / refresher on trading?

We've got you sorted.

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Learning Portal →

A comprehensive educational content on all things ECF & PSTX


A quick guide on navigating terms, processes & other common queries

Democratising access to investment

In the past, early stage investments and equity trades were reserved for the high net worth individuals.

Now, things have changed for the better.

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List your business with us

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Why list on PSTX?

A new investment entry & exit option

Increased liquidity equals enthusiastic investors. The PSTX presents investors with the freedom of realising their exits whenever they want or when they are ready.

Increase appeal of ECF campaign

Having the option to increase investment or exit in the foreseeable future makes your ECF campaign an attractive investment option to the broader investor audience.

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How do I list my business on PSTX?


At the moment, the Securities Commission only enables pitchIN’s past ECF Issuers to list their businesses on the PSTX.


Businesses are eligible for listing 6 months after the launch of their latest ECF campaign.

Find out more about listing up your business here →

Understanding this page

What is pitchIN Secondary Trading Market?
pitchIN Secondary Trading Market (PSTX) is the Secondary Market that enables Equity Crowdfunding investors or investors who missed out on these campaigns, to trade their shares and effortlessly manage their portfolios with a greater degree of freedom.
What is a Secondary Market?
A Secondary Market is where shares of companies can be traded. In the case of the PSTX, Traders can freely trade the shares of eligible companies that have raised funds through Equity Crowdfunding.
How do I top up my PSTX Account?
  1. Click on your profile icon dropdown menu.
  2. Select PSTX Account.
  3. Click Top Up.
  4. Select your preferred payment method.
  5. Complete transaction and wait for payment confirmation. You may track your top up status via the Transaction History.
How do I create an order?
  1. Ensure you have an existing account with us.
  2. Browse the PSTX page and select a Business.
  3. On the Share Information page, click Buy or Sell.
  4. Set your desired order type and price.
  5. Review and submit your order.

Need more help? See our detailed guide here.
How do I sign up to start trading?
Sign up here to begin your trading journey with PSTX.
How do I sell the ECF shares I currently own?
  1. Ensure you have an existing account with us.
  2. Browse the PSTX page and select the Business of which you own shares in. (Tip: look for the 'Own Shares' tag).
  3. On the Share Information page, click Sell.
  4. Set your desired order type and price.
  5. Review and submit your order.

Need more help? See our detailed guide here.
Equity Crowdfunding is risky. You are investing in early stage companies which may not do well and could even fail. You could lose part or all of your investment. You may not be able to sell your shares easily. Learn more