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  • Apping Technology Sdn Bhd
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Apping was founded in 2020 by two co-founders with total experience of over 30 years in senior management roles of Hong Kong international technology firms. With the knowledge of technology innovations, Apping was established with the aim of providing highly robust and scalable technology solutions to big and medium enterprises in the world. Our goal is to accelerate growth in businesses through digitalization.


We are already profitable
Unlike many other start-ups, we had break-even in the first year and are profitable in the 2nd year onwards. Because of market demand, we’re expanding to more new markets e.g. Singapore. We are fund-raising for RM2.76 Mil for 11.5% equity for our expansion plan.
We never stop innovate
Our first entry to the market is by providing customized SaaS Enterprise Software Solutions such as CRM, Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Warehouse, Manufacturing, Marketing Automation, HR, E-commerce, Website, and more! Due to market demand, we are venturing into more new tech solutions.

We keep rising despite the global economic downturn
Apping was established during the pandemic and has experienced fast-track growth since its inception till date. Throughout history, the technology industry has never slowed down. Technology innovation has become more powerful; giving many positive impacts on our daily lives.

We are an experienced technology team
With over 30 years of experience in the technology industry, our team comes from different expertise and skills that gives us the added advantage of building a business from scratch. Our greatest values gel us together as a power team because we have the same passion for technology and helping our clients to accelerate growth.

We are Shariah compliant
Apping’s operations and services comply with Islamic Shariah rules, principles, and code of practice. Apart from complying with the standard compliance rules and regulations, we have gone through more screening assessment processes by the Shariah Advisory Council of the Malaysia Security Commission. We aim to provide a Shariah compliance investment opportunity to the greater public.



Being in the technology industry for over 30 years, Apping knows the importance of using business systems to effectively scale up a business and manage risk at the same time. Hence, it is a top priority for businesses to adopt digitalization to increase automation as a way to overcome business challenges.
Lack of automation can become a challenge to most. Without an automated system, processes must be done manually, leading to time-consuming tasks and a lack of scalability.
Without an automated system, data must be manually entered and consolidated, leading to an inefficient process and a lack of automation.

    Without an Enterprise Software System, data can become inaccurate due to manual data entry errors and the lack of an automated process. This can lead to discrepancies in financials, inventory, and customer records which can lead to costly mistakes.
    Without an Enterprise Software System, visibility into data is limited. This can cause delays in decision making and make it difficult to plan for future needs. Without an automated system, data is scattered and must be manually collected and consolidated, leading to a time-consuming process and an incomplete view of the company's data.
    Without an Enterprise Software System, processes can become inefficient. Manual data entry and lack of automation can lead to delays in decision making and a lack of accuracy. Without an automated system, processes must be done manually, leading to a time-consuming process and inefficiencies in the company's operations.
    Without an Enterprise Software System, it can be difficult to scale the business. Without an automated system, processes must be done manually, leading to time-consuming tasks and a lack of scalability. Without an automated system, data must be manually entered and consolidated, leading to an inefficient process and a lack of scalability.
    Without an Enterprise Software System, security can become a concern. Without an automated system, data must be manually entered and consolidated, leading to a lack of security. Without an automated system, processes must be done manually, leading to a time-consuming process and a lack of security measures.



Apping solutions provide an integrated approach to managing business operations, from customer relationship management to financials and more.
By streamlining processes, our Enterprise Software Solutions enable businesses to focus on their core business and grow to be more competitive in their market.

A complete suite of cloud applications that deliver all data and operation processes consistently across your business departments.

Our easy-to-deploy solutions are flexible in terms of cost and scalability. Here are the benefits of our integrated cloud solutions:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Apping Cloud Systems enable businesses to manage customer relationships more effectively, from lead generation to sales performance. The systems also provide a comprehensive view of customer data, allowing businesses to better understand their customer needs and tailor their offerings accordingly.

Accounting & Financial Management
Apping Cloud Systems provide a comprehensive view of financial performance, from sales and purchase to financial reportings. The systems also provide real-time visibility into financial data, allowing businesses to make more informed decisions.

Supply Chain Management
Apping Cloud Systems provide an integrated approach to supply chain management, from inventory management to order fulfillment. The systems also provide real-time visibility into supply chain data, allowing businesses to better anticipate and respond to customer needs.

Human Resource Management
Apping Cloud Systems provide an integrated approach to managing human resources, from payroll and benefits to employee performance. The systems also provide real-time visibility into employee data, allowing businesses to better manage their workforce and ensure compliance with regulations.

The manufacturing process can be an intricate and complex process, involving many steps and stages. The production process and material planning requires a high level of precision and control to avoid wastage. Quality control is important to ensure that the manufactured product meets the desired specifications and is of the highest quality. Apping Cloud Systems helps to ensure that the manufacturing process is efficient and effective in producing the desired results.

Point of Sales
Point of sale systems are used in retail to streamline checkout, inventory tracking, and customer service. These systems help save time and money, improve customer service, and provide valuable insights into customer behavior. Apping POS system comes with an integrated accounting system that provides immediate reporting daily 


APPING Business Process Outsourcing
The future of business lies in IT outsourcing which brings valuable benefits to the business in specialized skills, cost savings, and global reach. IT outsourcing allows businesses to focus on core business activities and leave the rest to the experts.
Apping provides specialized outsource service resources in software development, cloud services, and customer support.




Apping started in 2020 during the pandemic which fuels the usage of enterprise cloud software solutions. During this time, many companies struggle to keep their company in operation due to the work from home practice. Many businesses realize that having a software system can in fact help them to navigate through these challenging times and even into the future of digitalizations.

As we focused on setting up our footprint in Hong Kong and Malaysia in 2020, we got the ball rolling by building a strong sales pipeline that eventually turned into our 2021 sales revenue. We achieved over RM800k revenues with only a one person sales team without any marketing interventions.

In 2022, Apping won the startup competition which rewards us with Cradle’s investment of RM500,000.00. We continue to win many more clients and achieved more than RM1.4mil in new sales revenue. Apart from this, our revenues on ARR starts to roll in; bringing our revenues higher.

What’s new?

The Apping R&D team has also been working on Apping Cloud CRM which is a tool for businesses to generate new sales leads and manage sales pipeline and sales teams. It’s a powerful tool that enables businesses to scale up even faster in a structured and organised platform. This new Apping Cloud CRM is expected to be launched in March 2023 with an estimated revenue growth of RM360,000.00.

Apping has just launched IT Business Process Outsourcing as a service to assist companies and corporates to quickly scale up their IT operations in a short time frame. This service was introduced following the high demand from Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. The estimated revenue from this service is at RM1.35 million.

Additionally, Apping has started to participate in Malaysia government tender which we have recently successfully won a project that is targeted to complete by mid of 2023. We have also been selected for 2 other tenders, all of which is estimated at RM5 million in new sales revenue.



Our purpose: Helping millions accelerate growth
One of Apping’s enterprise software solutions unique selling point is the scalability of our solutions. We are able to meet every business requirement and successfully deliver positive results to all our clients. We ensure the solutions that we put in place are capable of business continuity and sustainability and we maintain a high responsive customer service team that provides an all year round help and assistance.

The results? Our clients stick with Apping. Till date our product stickiness percentage is 95% which puts us on top of the competitions.




Business Model

New Service Expansion

IT Outsourcing
Projected new revenue - RM 1.35Mil

We've launched our IT Business Outsourcing services in Q4 2022 and have since gained strong momentum. Our forecasted growth in this area will be at least 50 new outsource services.

Apping Cloud CRM
Projected new revenue - RM 360,000

Set to be launched in Q1 of 2023, the forecasted new revenue growth is expected to gain an increase of RM360,000 in this year. Our forecasted clients for CRM solutions is at 300 paid users.


New Revenue on Existing Services

System Implementation
Projected new revenue - RM 3Mil

Our current sales pipeline is reaching 5Mil in sales for one person's sales team. This year we are expecting 2 new salespeople to join in Q2/Q3 and with this we will be gaining even stronger sales momentum.

New Market Penetration - Singapore
Singapore is seen as both a market for the region and a gateway to Southeast Asia. With a per capita income of $65,000, Singapore is one of the richest countries in Asia. Additionally, many multinational corporations are establishing their regional headquarters in Singapore with a strong focus on boosting expansion. Political interference in Hong Kong has also caused many MNC to relocate their regional HQ over to Singapore. Corporate spending has been high and will continue to increase further. This is where Apping’s solutions and services could capture many of these business needs and capitalize from the Singapore market.

In addition, Apping can ride on the wave where the Singapore government provides grants, support schemes and programs for businesses to adopt digitalization moves such as digital solutions, business capabilities development and digital transformation.



APAC Market Size
In APAC, the enterprise technology market grew at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13.3%. Here, we observe that the total available market (TAM) is at USD 12.34 billion; with serviceable available market (SAM) at USD 8 billion. Our target serviceable obtainable market (SOM) will be at USD 1 billion.

We are extremely optimistic on tapping on the serviceable market at high speed in the next few years. Our expert team and market expansion plan will be very focused on expanding into the Singapore market which looks at an increasing GDP growth. Last year, Singapore’s economy grew 3.8% in 2022. This year 2023, Singapore’s GDP is expected to expand by 1.8% in the private sector. This means more opportunities for our services and solutions to expand into.

Our Marketing Strategy

2023 is the year we start putting in place our marketing plans and strategy. Focusing on a few of our core business services, we use multiple channels of marketing to target the relevant clients in the region, starting from Malaysia, Singapore and then SEA.

Go-to-market Strategy

Our sweet spot of client by region would be high-cost cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan etc. These would give us the highest margin possible. In terms of client size and industry-wise, our strongest clientele is mostly SMEs, focusing on supply-chain and manufacturing. Our GTM strategy is targeting these clients for now, as we are still running on our own resources. We have a team of marketers who will cold-call clients based on target industries. Apart from this, our next campaign is to launch our SaaS CRM within Q1 2023 and we will spend more on digital marketing. With the new leads attracted by CRM, we will approach them and upsell our other modules so they could have the full picture on their business key numbers.

Flywheel Strategy

Social media marketing ads for brand exposure and global markets awareness is the first step to this strategy. We can reach out to wider regions and it will help us to scale up the business much faster. We will have regular postings about our services and products through various methods such as posters, story telling board, videos, reels etc.

Channel Sales

With our strong work network, we established trusted partnerships that we work together closely in identifying new clients’ needs. Together in collaboration, will highly increase the success rate of converting sales leads. Client referrals are also a good way to win more new clients through others’ networks.



APAC Competition Landscape

Apping serves as a fully functional business management software that manages all aspects of an organization's operations, regardless of scale than other APAC software. Other ERP software is more expensive and is constrained to one function at a time. On the other hand, Apping is more cost efficient and offers a fully integrated system that covers all department functions in a company.

Apping cloud can be flexible to work in any type of business, while others tend to have extremely high cost in customization and integration options. Compared to Apping full suite ERP, most functional ERP is less feature-rich and lacks advanced features. The Apping cloud softwares is flexible and scalable, making it ideal for businesses with few customers and employees to start using a system at a low cost. While the other softwares is more expensive and more suited for large-scale companies and requires a high subscription charge.

Apping serves as a one-stop solution for all business requirements because the most important factor in determining a corporate organization's level of scalability is the software they select to use. Using Apping's ERP management solutions will make it easier for users to handle all facets of the business at once, simplify platform operations, and lessen management-related burdens.



How did we achieve great results?

We over-achieved our revenue growth in our second year by 137% and with the right balance in managing cost and expenses, the business kept growing progressively without any operations bottleneck. This is because Apping has a well experienced management team that keeps a close and careful watch over the growth of the company.

Apart from having the best experienced talents in our team, we continue to train smart and passionate young talents who strive to give their best for Apping’s clients. We maintained a high level of performance at all times because we are a team passionate about our work and always go the extra mile to deliver the best results.

Why are we doing fundraising?

We are racing against time to capture new markets in the shortest period of time. That is why we are raising funds to speed up our expansion of sales activities in Singapore and to expand our sales and account management team in the SEA & HK region for the next 12-18 months. From the last year, there has been a surge of enquiries from Singapore as well as other regions for our system services as well as IT outsourcing services. Hence, we need to grow rapidly so we can capture new markets and gain more sales momentum for even better revenue growth.


Apping started completely bootstrap, meaning the company is founded and built from Founders’ personal finances and entirely operating on the Company’s revenues. Till date, the company is on Zero debt.



Apping strives to provide the best and most user friendly enterprise software solutions that make the complex simple. With the vast competition landscape, most competitors are focusing on mainly functional software which is only able to tackle issues pertaining to one business department.

Apping comes in as a full fledged software solution that not only focuses on one business pain point but we look into the entire operation processes that flows from the Sales to Inventory and all the way to Accounting. Our integrated solutions will provide lots of autonomous processes and reduce manual tedious work.

We are Cradle invested company
We went through months of fierce competition with more than 100 tech companies in Malaysia, and won Cradle’s confidence. 2022 Cradle investment: RM500,000.00




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  • Equity - OS
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  • Apping Technology Sdn Bhd
  • A4-8, Level 4, Block A, Plaza Dwitasik, Jalan 5/106, Bandar Sri Permaisuri
  • 1386532X
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