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SAYAJUAL.IO was developed in 2019 to connect business owners (Merchants) to resellers by providing a systematic approach to replace their traditional way of running a business. SAYAJUAL.IO helps the Merchant who is generating sales via the stockist/agent/dropship (Reseller) model. 

SAYAJUAL.IO provides a systematic ordering platform, inventory management, courier integration and business reporting which are very useful to improve Merchant sales/revenue. 

Aside from that, SAYAJUAL.IO also provides a platform for anyone who is interested to earn extra income via online business by becoming a Reseller. 

As of Feb 2023, SAYAJUAL.IO has successfully processed RM 132 million value of sales transactions, with more than 15,755 Resellers registered in the platform with a total reseller commission income of approximately RM 20 million.


SAYAJUAL.IO emphasizes in solving three types of problems among Founders (Merchants), Resellers and Customers. 

For Merchants 

  • Operation cost increases 50% or more due to inefficiency of managing sales orders and fulfilment to customers.
  • Processing time increases double than usual during peak sales periods due to difficulty in tracking sales/fulfilment.
  • Unable to scale up their business by increasing reseller and inactive reseller due to difficulty of managing them.

For Resellers 

  • Demotivated in performing sales due to lack of transparency in sales commissions and order fulfilment.
  • Unable to filter quality products and trusted Merchants due to limitation of information.
  • Unable to get support in product training and knowledge in sales.

For Customers 

  • There is no trusted channel for online customers to identify safe, secured and verified resellers of products


A systematic web-based, mobile responsive platform to connect Merchants and Resellers with the capabilities of managing day-to-day operations (sales orders, inventory tracking and consolidation, fulfillment tracking and commission calculation). In addition to these functionalities, SAYAJUAL.IO continues to support its Merchants and Resellers to be competitive and relevant in the market by integrating with trending sales platforms such as Shopee, Lazada and TikTok Shop. 

In providing the best data analytics to be able to support and motivate Merchants and Resellers. All transactions and inventories being processed within SAYAJUAL.IO from various sales channels are consolidated into one data center. 

In summary, SAYAJUAL.IO's goal is to be a core End to End system that connects all related stakeholders.


SAYAJUAL.IO platform being developed in order to solve the problems above. Below are the solutions provided by SAYAJUAL.IO for both Merchants and Resellers.

  • (Stock) - Stock management system for reconciliation between various sales channels. (Reseller, Website/e-Commerce, Shoppee, Lazada & TikTok Shop).
  • (Fulfilment) - Direct API connected for real-time updates for fulfillment tracking with detailed information.
  • (Sales Order) – All sales orders are made within SAYAJUAL.IO for easier and systematic tracking.
  • (Communications) – Official communications from Merchants to Reseller are made through SAYAJUAL.IO to ensure the accurate product information, marketing materials, and announcement are made to Resellers.
  • (On-Boarding) – Official recruitment of Resellers are made through SAYAJUAL.IO with the capabilities to assign ranks, levels and various commission rate. This function can be personalized by each Merchant and Product.
  • (Data-Analytics) – Provide data analytics on sales data, resellers' performance and customer data.
  • (Multi-Dash) – Multi-separate dashboard for specific user types to ensure accurate data.
  • (Cross-Selling) – Resellers are able to select products from various Merchants that suit their personal preference of product nature and commission value.

Complementary to SAYAJUAL.IO, some services are being provided as well as optional to the users. 

  • Business Consultation in business operation flow and sales/marketing which is personalized on each merchant business's nature and structure.
  • Training provided across Merchants and Resellers for sales and marketing.

The full ecosystem 

SAYAJUAL.IO is one of the products within the “SAYA” ecosystem. SAYA ecosystem consists of 4 types of main products: - 

  1. SAYAJUAL.IO – Manage within the sales cycle.
  2. SAYASIMPAN.IO – Managing shared storage to further utilized operation cashflow for businesses by shifting from the CAPEX model of operation to the OPEX model (pay per use).
  3. SAYAFOUNDER.IO – Connects OEM product factories with Merchants.
  4. SAYAHANTAR.IO – Logistic services.

In the pipeline, we do foresee for few more products in line with the stakeholders needs and requirements such as:-
1. SAYASETIA.IO – Loyalty based system for Merchants, Resellers & Customers (End Users).
2. SAYAPASANG.IO – On call at site services for installation of furniture, fixtures & electrical.
These are among the idea level based products that we are working on the background of the current product line.
At current phase, we are focusing on SAYAJUAL.IO in creating more tractions and to complete all MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) before moving into the other products within SAYA eco-system. Below is our product development roadmap in total.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) 

Specifically for SAYAJUAL.IO, we had established our MVP based on our experience and survey with our Merchants and Reseller as per below:-

Currently we have fully completed our MVP 1 and apart of MVP 2 have been completed 25% progress.
Each phase of MVP will create new revenue streams, introduce new functionalities and further gather more data. These MVPs are important for SAYAJUAL.IO to further scale up, penetrate the market and makes SAYAJUAL.IO being more competitive.




SAYAJUAL.IO fully launched to the open market in Q1 2022, with 24 registered merchants and over 16,000 registered resellers currently. Within the pipeline, we are expecting another 95 potential merchants to be onboarded which will roughly contribute another 50,000 to 90,000 resellers. 

We started with Model C merchant which is the product of Kak Ell in early 2020 and after a few modifications made, we onboarded one of Malaysian strong “Baju Melayu” brands named “Bulan Bintang” in early 2022. This year currently we had generated around RM 0.5 million in revenue and processed over RM 120.7 million in transaction value. 

Below are some of the registered Merchants with SAYAJUAL.IO:-

Our Achievements

✔ 12,000 new unique Resellers registered in just 3 months from the launch of in Jan 2022 

✔ RM 6 million monthly transaction value within 2022. 

✔ Achieved more than 400% growth in 2022 in just 6 months! 

✔ More than 1 million products sold using SAYAJUAL.IO 

✔ Achieved 100% growth in revenue compared to 2021! 

  • RM 270 million of transaction value and a commission payout around RM 49.6 million over 2 years within Malaysia.
  • Starting Date : 25 Sep 2020
  • No. of Merchant / Merchant Growth Rate YoY / (Active Merchant): 25 / 12.5x / 20 (80%)
  • No. of Reseller / Reseller Growth Rate YoY / (Active Reseller): 37,000 / 3.5x / 13,884 (91%)



1. Berita Harian: 

2. Harian Metro: 


4. Siakap Keli:


1. Merchant
• Business owners who are selling their products or services online by using resellers model (i.e : dropship, stockists, agents)

2. Reseller
• Anyone who are interested in generating income (part-time/full time) by selling other people’s products and services online without any capital

Business Model

SAYAJUAL.IO’s business model is categorized into 2 main types - Direct and Indirect. 

Direct business model: We have 3 types of business models that we charge Merchants directly. Each type has a different pricing structure and supports different types of business arrangements. 

Indirect business model type: We obtain commission from service providers. (Payment Gateway & Logistic Company) 

Direct - Model A 

Model A is where Merchants come in with their own sales force/resellers. Merchants for this model use SAYAJUAL.IO based on transaction fees and subscription fees. The transaction fees are calculated based on the sales value processed through SAYAJUAL.IO. 

Payments are billed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to Merchants either through auto-deduct from payment gateway settlement (additional Bank Fees based on the payment method to be included for using Payment Gateway) or invoicing. Merchants can either choose from 2 types of pricing for this model as below:- 

1. Transaction fees only (No Subscription)

2. Subscription + Transaction Fees

As low as RM 700 per month with 1.5% transaction fees imposed for this option. This option will have a monthly fee maximum cap of RM 9,500.

Direct – Model B 

Model B is where Merchants use sales force/resellers from SAYAJUAL.IO, in other words, Merchants without their own reseller team. SAYAJUAL.IO will take a 30% to 45% product margin for each product from the retail price. Resellers' commissions will be managed and paid by SAYAJUAL.IO internally.

The example above is where SAYAJUAL.IO takes 30% margin and pays 10% commission to it’s Resellers.

Direct – Model C 

This model is where SAYAJUAL.IO is personalized based on Merchant’s requirements. This model is an outright pricing model in which Merchants will pay a lump sum based on progress milestones. From the second year onwards Merchants need to pay between 7% to 15% of the outright project value as license fees. Usually, this model pricing will start from RM 280,000 and above. 


All service providers and plug-ins that connects with SAYAJUAL.IO will have a revenue sharing model or commission model based on successful transaction.


SAYAJUAL.IO target market is merchants with resellers online and offline base. In total SME (Small Medium Enterprise) outlook from SME Corp Malaysia data in Malaysia Statistical Business Register (MSBR) published by the Department of Statistics, Malaysia (DOSM), there were altogether 1,226,494 SMEs in 2021 which accounts for 97.4% of overall establishments in Malaysia. There has been an increment of about 140,000 firms as compared to a total of 1,086,533 MSMEs in 2016, thus registering an average growth rate of 5.2% per annum during the six-year period. 

Focusing on the Manufacturing sector and Services sector apart from this statistical data, 30% to 50% is contributing to our target market which the services sector being the highest at 83.8% amounting to 1,028,403 companies and 5.8% for manufacturing amounting to 71,612 companies. In total our market opportunity of 1,100,015 companies with the lowest assumption of 30% of 330,004 companies within our target market. 

According to a report by ecommerceDB, Malaysia's eCommerce market landscape for the year 2021 is at RM 6.3 billion in revenue with a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 15%. Five categories are considered by e-commerce. Fashion is the largest segment in Malaysia and accounts for 31% of the eCommerce revenue in Malaysia. It is followed by Electronics & Media with 28%, Toys, Hobby & DIY with 19%, Furniture & Appliances with 13%, and Food & Personal Care with the remaining 10%. 

E-commerce revenue using a reseller-based model is around 70%, which derives RM 4.4 billion of revenue. With the target of 16% market for SAYAJUAL.IO to penetrate in its early stage within the first 4 years amounting to RM 800 million transaction value processed. This figure is excluding the offline market opportunity for SAYAJUAL.IO

Growth Strategy

SAYAJUAL.IO's strategy to create an evergreen product for its stakeholders is based on the 3 main components which are:-

  • Market Penetration
    • Massive ads campaign
    • Focus on newcomers and mid-level business owners
  • Market Disruption
    • Unique business model
    • Flexible charging mechanism
    • Low entry barrier
  • Product Diversification
    • Diversify to other digital platforms to complete the whole ecosystem i.e: SAYASIMPAN.IO, SAYAHANTAR.IO and SAYAFOUNDER.IO
  • Strategic Partnerships
    • Partner up with strong partners to deliver to customers to save time, effort and most importantly, to create new revenue streams.
    • Payment gateway partners: SecurePay and RazerPay
    • Couriers: Ninja Van, DHL, ABX Express, JNT and POS Malaysia
    • Training and sales: EjenPro, Y3 Asia and Funnel Evo


At the current phase of MVP, SAYAJUAL.IO has a few direct competitors. The main ones are illustrated in the table below. These products are being compared by functionalities with SAYAJUAL.IO. Pricing wise is quite difficult to be compared due to most of these products did not publish their commercial rates publicly. 

Even though there are few competitors available in the market but SAYAJUAL.IO is known as the most flexible and dynamic platform in terms of business models and features.


SAYAJUAL.IO is fully owned by AZOR Industries Sdn Bhd and was established on 22nd September 2020, with revenues of RM 500,000 as of September 2022. At the moment we do not have any funding raised and minimal marketing initiatives and costs. 

We anticipate our financial outlook for the coming year as illustrated in Year 1 (2023) is a revenue increase of 8 times from this year due to a part of MVP 2 being completed, Model B (SAYAJUAL.IO) sales team starting to take place and increase in Merchants and Resellers. Below is the forecast of our 5 years roadmap for Cashflow and Profit & Loss Projection.

Within this forecast, we foresee a negative cash flow above shown before fundraising that will cover the shortfall of cash position due to cash outflow on top of the increase in cost to complete all MVPs while maintaining sufficient resources and marketing activities. In other words, the funding required is to be used to stimulate the Year 1 (2023) growth and part of Year 2 (2024) marketing and operation funds in order for SAYAJUAL.IO to complete its development and marketing purposes that will translate into hitting its financial target and business target.

Above is our forecast Profit & Loss statement for 5 years down the road which the expectation of payout dividend at Year 2 (2024) with the return on investment to investor at the rate from 13% to 87% yearly. If the business continues to meet it’s financial target we anticipate that investors will get return on investment accumulated of 310% at year 5 (2027) with total accumulated return on investment of around RM 124 million.

Our estimation as all MVPs will be fully completed with funding of RM 6 million within Year 2 from the projection above (2024). In addition to this, our business strategy will then starts with Model A (Merchants with own sales team) and gradually by year SAYAJUAL.IO will emphasis more in Model B (Merchants using SAYAJUAL.IO’s Sales Team). This where most of the high margin and more stability in revenue will derive.


“To be South East Asia's No.1 Digital Community Economy Ecosystem”


SAYAJUAL.IO is co-founded by 4 key personnel who are among the key management members. In total, the key management consists of 5 individuals who manage various functions with specific expertise and skillsets that complement each other.


Investment Terms

FUNDING SAYAJUAL.IO Investment Highlight

Ordinary Share Offered of 13.33% 



Dividend Payout on an Annual Basis starting from Year 3 of investment (provided the company is profitable).


Early Birds Offer

1. For every purchase of 1 block, investors will get 1 bonus shares 

(example: If investor purchase 1 block, they will receive 12 shares + 1 bonus share = 13 shares) 

2. For every purchase of 5 blocks, investors will get 1 additional bonus shares

(example: if investor purchase 5 blocks, they will receive 60 shares + 5 bonus shares + 1 additional bonus share = 66 shares)

SAYAJUAL.IO Funding Usage 

We plan to use the investment to stimulate the development process and marketing process much faster and more effectively in a short period of time. The investment will be used to develop SAYAJUAL.IO functionalities to meet the MVPs targets as well as to have a much effect and broader market reach and leads. This will definitely increase business traction and revenue.


  1. pitchIN and its officers and staff may also be investing in this campaign
  2. Under ECF Guidelines, valuation is determined and set by the Issuer. Investors are advised to carefully peruse all investment offers and documents before making investment decisions.
  • Equity - OS
  • ~ up to 13.33%
  • RM 39,001,875
  • RM 250,635
  • RM 6,002,964
  • -
  • 1385629D
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