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  • The Company has extracted RM 1.4 million worth of precious metals to date
  • Succeeded to generate RM1.6 mil revenue with profits of RM360k, and now scaling by utilizing their newly acquired e-waste recycling license by DOE
  • Centered around SDG 11 that focuses on creating sustainable and inclusive cities and communities, and aligned with SDG 12 sustainable consumption.



Telcov: Transforming E-Waste into Gold (Literally) via Urban Mining

  • The world faces a growing e-waste crisis, with millions of tons of electronic devices discarded every year, leading to environmental pollution, health hazards, and the loss of valuable resources. In Malaysia alone, e-waste generation reached 364,000 tons in 2019, with the vast majority being processed by informal and illegal operators.


  • Telcov aims to change this dire situation by revolutionizing the e-waste recycling industry in Malaysia. With its state-of-the-art, fully licensed processing facility and innovative mobile app that incentivizes responsible recycling, Telcov is poised to become the leading sustainable e-waste recycling solution provider in the region.


  • By offering consumers the unique opportunity to receive precious metals recovered from their e-waste as a reward, Telcov is not only encouraging responsible disposal but also creating a closed-loop system that maximizes resource recovery and minimizes environmental impact.


  • Founder Vimalan Arumugham's vision is to transform e-waste from a growing threat into a valuable opportunity, creating a future where electronic devices are sustainably recycled, and the recovered materials are reintegrated into the manufacturing process.


  • Telcov's financial projections are as impressive as its environmental ambitions. With revenues expected to grow from RM3.9 million in Year 1 to RM10.1 million in Year 3 and a projected profit of RM3.8 million by Year 3, Telcov offers investors a unique opportunity to generate strong returns while supporting a mission-driven company that is tackling one of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time.


  • E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream globally, increasing 3x faster than general waste  
  • Malaysia generated 364 kilotons of e-waste in 2019 but lacks sufficient legal recycling facilities  
  • Informal and illegal processing is hazardous to the environment and human health  
  • Valuable materials go to waste instead of being recovered and reused 

The Growing Problem of E-Waste

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is the fastest-growing waste stream in the world. It's increasing three times faster than general waste due to rapid technological advancements, affordability of devices, and shorter product lifespans. This poses significant challenges to human health, the environment, and resource conservation.


Malaysia's E-Waste Challenge

In 2019, Malaysia generated 364 kilotons of e-waste but lacks sufficient licensed recycling facilities to handle it properly. This has led to the growth of informal and illegal e-waste processing that prioritizes profit over safety and sustainability.


The Dangers of Unregulated E-Waste Processing

Informal and illegal e-waste processing is hazardous to human health and the environment. Workers are exposed to toxic substances, and improper handling contaminates soil, water, and air, threatening biodiversity and ecosystems.


The Wasted Potential of Urban Mining

E-waste contains valuable materials like precious and base metals worth billions of dollars. By not recycling efficiently, we are wasting finite resources and missing opportunities for sustainable supply chains and reduced reliance on harmful mining practices. 


  • Fully licensed e-waste recycling facility with 300 ton/month capacity and proprietary processes.
  • Efficient operations to collect, process and extract valuable materials like precious metals and copper
  • Proprietary app for consumers to arrange e-waste pickup and be rewarded with precious metals
  • Founder is a DOE certified e-waste management professional 

Telcov: Pioneering Sustainable E-Waste Management & Urban Mining

Telcov is leading the charge in tackling the e-waste crisis in Malaysia with its innovative and comprehensive approach to e-waste recycling. As a fully licensed facility with a capacity of 300 tons per month and proprietary processes, Telcov is well-positioned to make a significant impact and capitalize on the vast market potential.


Efficient and Environmentally Sound Operations

Telcov's success lies in its commitment to efficient and environmentally friendly operations. The company's state-of-the-art facility, equipped with advanced technology and staffed by skilled professionals, ensures maximum resource recovery and minimal environmental impact. By recovering precious and base metals, Telcov generates substantial revenue while contributing to resource conservation.


Expertise and Regulatory Compliance

Telcov's founder, a DOE-certified e-waste management professional, brings expertise and credibility to the company. By adhering to strict environmental and safety regulations, Telcov mitigates risks and ensures the trust of its stakeholders. 



  • Collecting e-waste from diverse sources including households, businesses and government  
  • Processing e-waste to recover materials like gold, silver, palladium, copper and aluminium  
  • Refining precious metals into high purity bullion as rewards for consumers  
  • Providing customized data destruction and documentation for corporate clients 




E-Waste Collection

A Multi-Faceted Approach Telcov's collection strategy targets a diverse range of e-waste sources to ensure a steady supply of materials for its recycling operations. The company partners with households, businesses, and government entities to collect e-waste through its user-friendly mobile app, scheduled pickups, and drop-off points. By making e-waste recycling convenient and accessible, Telcov encourages widespread participation and drives the growth of its collection network.

Notably, Telcov's upcoming proprietary app is aimed at revolutionizing e-waste recycling by empowering consumers to easily arrange for the pickup of their discarded electronics. The app connects consumers with Telcov's collection network, promoting responsible recycling. Telcov's unique rewards program, which offers consumers precious metals extracted from their recycled e-waste, drives engagement and raises awareness about urban mining and sustainable e-waste management. 

State-of-the-Art Processing & Material Recovery  

At the heart of Telcov's operations is its advanced e-waste processing facility, which employs cutting-edge technology to extract valuable materials from discarded electronics. The company's skilled technicians meticulously dismantle devices and employ a combination of mechanical and chemical processes to recover a wide range of materials, including precious metals like gold, silver, and palladium, as well as base metals such as copper and aluminum. By maximizing material recovery, Telcov not only generates significant revenue but also minimizes the environmental impact of e-waste. 

While Telcov has already demonstrated expertise in recovering gold and silver, the company is committed to continuous improvement and innovation. Telcov plans to invest in research and development to further enhance its capabilities in recovering other valuable metals, ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of the industry and continues to deliver exceptional value to its stakeholders. 

Telcov sets itself apart by refining the precious metals recovered from e-waste into high-purity bullion, which is then offered as a unique reward to consumers who recycle their electronics through the company's app. This innovative approach incentivizes responsible e-waste disposal and creates a compelling value proposition for environmentally conscious consumers. By offering a tangible and valuable reward, Telcov not only attracts more users to its platform but also cultivates customer loyalty and brand advocacy. 


  • Already extracted RM 1.4 million worth of precious metals to date
  • Previously profitable with smaller scale operations, now ramping to utilize full licensed capacity
  • Raised RM 3 million in first equity crowdfunding round to setup larger facility

Proven Profitability and Precious Metal Extraction  

To date, Telcov has successfully extracted RM 1.4 million worth of precious metals from e-waste, highlighting its ability to generate significant revenue from its recycling processes. The company has achieved profitability even with smaller-scale operations, demonstrating the cost-effectiveness of its approach and the potential for increased returns as it scales up.

Expansion & Utilization of Licensed Capacity  

Having secured a license to operate at a capacity of 300 tons per month, Telcov is now ramping up its operations to fully utilize this increased capacity. This expansion positions the company to process larger volumes of e-waste, leading to higher revenues and greater environmental impact. 

Previous Fundraising Success  

Telcov successfully raised RM 3 million in its first equity crowdfunding round in 2022. The funds were promptly deployed to set up a state-of-the-art recycling facility with a capacity of 300 tons per month, showcasing Telcov's ability to effectively utilize investor capital and achieve tangible milestones.

Current Investment Opportunity

Telcov is now offering investors the chance to participate in its next phase of growth. By investing in Telcov, investors gain exposure to the rapidly expanding e-waste recycling market and the opportunity to support a mission-driven company that is making a positive environmental impact while generating strong financial returns. 


Telcov's financial performance in 2022 and 2023 was impacted by the movement control order (MCO) lockdown, resulting in no revenue in 2022 and a loss of RM341,032 due to fixed costs. In 2023, Telcov generated revenue of RM178,835 but remained loss-making due to capital expenditures and operational expenses.

The financial projections for Year 1, Year 2, and Year 3 refer to the first, second, and third year following a successful fundraising round. This fundraising will provide Telcov with the necessary capital to scale its operations, invest in its processing capabilities, and expand its market reach.

Telcov projects decent financial growth over these three years. Revenues are expected to surge from RM3.9 million in Year 1 to RM10.1 million in Year 3, driven by expanded processing capacity, increased e-waste collection through its mobile app, and strategic partnerships. Telcov also anticipates generating a robust profit of RM3.8 million by Year 3, showcasing the strength of its business model and the potential for significant returns on investment.

The projected financial performance highlights Telcov's ability to overcome initial challenges and invest wisely in its operations, positioning the company for long-term success. As Telcov continues to scale its operations and expand its reach, investors can anticipate strong financial returns while supporting a mission-driven company tackling the global e-waste crisis.


Telcov has two key customer segments that present significant opportunities for growth and impact.

  • Households  

Telcov's primary target market is households that are eager to dispose of their e-waste responsibly and contribute to a more sustainable future. By offering a convenient and rewarding e-waste recycling solution through its mobile app, Telcov taps into the growing trend of consumer environmental awareness. The company's unique approach of rewarding consumers with precious metals extracted from their recycled e-waste creates a powerful incentive for households to choose Telcov over other disposal options. As more consumers prioritize sustainability and seek out eco-friendly alternatives, Telcov is well-positioned to capture a significant share of this market.


  • Corporations  

Telcov also targets corporations (and government agencies) that are legally obligated to dispose of their e-waste through certified recyclers. As environmental regulations become more stringent and corporate social responsibility becomes a strategic imperative, organizations are increasingly seeking out reliable and compliant e-waste recycling partners. Telcov's licensed status, certified processes, and commitment to transparency and reporting make it an attractive choice for businesses and government agencies. By providing customized solutions and documentation to meet the specific needs of these clients, Telcov can secure long-term contracts and establish itself as a trusted partner in the e-waste management ecosystem. 

Business Model

  • Collecting e-waste at low cost by providing convenient service and attractive rewards  
  • Processing in-house to extract a range of valuable materials with strong market demand  
  • Multiple revenue streams including sale of recovered materials and fees for specialized services  
  • Highly profitable with excellent unit economics that improve with scale 


Telcov's business model maximizes profitability and environmental impact through its unique strengths in e-waste collection, processing, and material recovery.

  • Cost-Effective E-Waste Collection

Telcov's mobile app-based service and precious metal rewards incentivize consumers to recycle e-waste, driving high volumes while minimizing sourcing costs. As operations scale and brand recognition grows, e-waste acquisition costs are expected to decrease further.

  • Efficient In-House Processing  

Telcov's state-of-the-art recycling facility efficiently extracts valuable materials, including precious metals, base metals, and plastics. In-house processing ensures quality control and maximizes recovery rates while minimizing costs. Continuous process optimization and technology investments position Telcov for increased yields and profitability.

  • Multiple Revenue Streams  

Telcov's primary revenue comes from selling high-quality, sustainably sourced recovered materials. Specialized services like data destruction and customized reporting for corporate clients diversify revenue and strengthen customer relationships. Expanding offerings and customer base unlocks new opportunities and enhances financial performance. 

  • Strong Unit Economics and Scalability  

Telcov's efficient operations, low-cost collection, and high recovery rates result in strong profit margins per ton of e-waste processed. Economies of scale from increased volumes drive down unit costs and boost profitability, positioning Telcov for rapid growth and market leadership. 


  • Global e-waste recycling market projected to grow from $57B in 2022 to $244B by 2032
  • Malaysia market estimated at RM355 million in 2020, expected to reach RM600 million in 2024
  • Telcov targeting 30% market share driven by its licensed status, sustainable practices and consumer app 


  • Global E-Waste Recycling Market Boom  

The global e-waste recycling market is projected to experience explosive growth, surging from $57 billion in 2022 to an impressive $244 billion by 2032. This remarkable expansion is driven by increasing consumer awareness, stricter environmental regulations, and the growing demand for sustainable resources. As the world grapples with the mounting e-waste crisis, the need for effective recycling solutions has never been more pressing, positioning Telcov as a key player in this dynamic industry.

  • Malaysia: A High-Potential Market  

Within the global e-waste landscape, Malaysia represents a particularly attractive market. Estimated at RM355 million in 2020, the Malaysian e-waste recycling market is expected to nearly double to RM600 million by 2024. This rapid growth is fueled by the country's increasing wealth, high technology adoption rates, and government initiatives to promote responsible e-waste management. As one of the few licensed e-waste recyclers in Malaysia, Telcov is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this burgeoning market opportunity. 


  • Telcov is one of only 7 licensed e-waste recyclers in Malaysia, and the only one offering precious metal rewards to consumers  
  • Other recyclers lack Telcov's comprehensive, sustainable approach and consumer engagement  
  • Illegal operators cannot match Telcov's responsible practices and will lose share as enforcement increases 

Telcov stands out in the Malaysian e-waste recycling landscape with its unique positioning and competitive advantages. 

Telcov stands out as one of only seven licensed E-waste recyclers in Malaysia, demonstrating its commitment to legal compliance and high environmental standards. As the sole e-waste recycler offering precious metal rewards to consumers, Telcov drives unrivaled engagement, secures a steady e-waste supply, and promotes responsible behavior through its app.

Telcov's comprehensive and sustainable end-to-end ecosystem sets it apart from competitors who focus on specific aspects of e-waste management. As enforcement intensifies and public awareness grows, Telcov is positioned to gain market share as illegal operators face pressure to shut down or reform. 


 RM500k - RM1.2mil :

If RM500k-RM1.2 million is raised, 70% will be used to purchase raw materials (e-waste), ensuring a steady supply for processing. 20% will be invested in recruiting and training additional staff to increase the company's processing capacity to 30 metric tons of e-waste per day. The remaining 10% will be allocated to marketing efforts to raise awareness and attract more customers. 

RM1.2 mil - RM3.0 mil : 

If RM1.2-3.0 million is raised,  50% of the funds will be used to implement automation in the e-waste recycling process, enhancing efficiency and reducing labour costs. The other 50% will be allocated to venturing into the lithium battery recycling industry, a rapidly growing segment that presents significant opportunities for expansion and diversification of Telcov's business. 



At the helm of Telcov is Vimalan Arumugham, a visionary entrepreneur with a deep passion for sustainable e-waste management. With over a decade of experience in the recycling industry, Vimalan has emerged as a prominent figure in the Malaysian e-waste landscape.


  • A Solid Foundation in Recycling

Vimalan's journey began at Theepa Metals, a family-owned scrap metal recycling factory in Selangor, where he honed his skills and developed a keen understanding of the recycling process. Equipped with a degree in Marketing and International Trade from Victoria University, Melbourne, Vimalan brought a fresh perspective to the industry, combining his business acumen with his environmental consciousness.

  • Pioneering E-Waste Management in Malaysia  

Recognizing the untapped potential in e-waste recycling, Vimalan founded VR Industries Enterprise in 2019, which later evolved into Telcov. Under his leadership, Telcov has emerged as a trailblazer in the industry, introducing innovative solutions and setting new standards for sustainable e-waste management in Malaysia.

  • A Commitment to Excellence and Sustainability  

Vimalan's commitment to excellence is reflected in his pursuit of professional development. As a Certified Professional in Scheduled Waste Management (CePSWaM) by the Department of Environment Malaysia, he ensures that Telcov operates in compliance with the highest environmental standards.


Operations Experts At the core of Telcov's operations are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in e-waste recycling and precious metal recovery.

Satnam Singh, Plant Manager : With 8 years of experience in e-waste plant operations, Satnam ensures the smooth running of Telcov's state-of-the-art facility.


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